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Dave is on the road again, wearing different clothes again...

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Actually, it's not Dave it's me..., nor am I wearing different clothes. Same old fluoro top to avoid being shot by hunters!

More or less a week on the IC, due to a pulled muscle in my back, coinciding with a 5 day twinning visit of Mr JCR's London cycling club with his Italian one. That's five people staying with us, my lounge being converted to a bike garage. 50 flapjacks to be made, umpteen cyclist 'nappy pants' to be laundered, oh and lunches for the marauding locusts, which is exactly what cyclists are like after a 150km ride..

Upside of all this, not much time to focus on not being able to run oh and meeting Abi who works at Lords and as well as playing football, cycling and running and is a confirmed Liverpool fan like me. Lovely lady... And then Hannah a Kiwi, who climbs mountains, cycles and runs and also happens to be one of the regular volunteer crew for the Finsbury Park Park run. So that Park Run is on my to do list, when I get back to London.

Sunday I did a 'wun' combined walk/run as part of my rehab and managed about 9.5km with I am thinking 6km in running. But I walked up the hills and never ran them.

Today was all about getting another 5km under my belt, so I did it - it was slow and steady and I had a happy pace Oldfloss you would be proud.

5.66 km run done

Colour - Salsa Red


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Happy for you! For new friendships, new stories, new wun!

You are awesome! Unstoppable!

Wow I'm suprised you have time to run! Well done though, you seem to be back on track.

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Good for you! Well done 🙂💪👍✔️

So happy you are back at running again Jan! 👏👍🏼

Great news. Watch out for the hunters!

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Great post!!

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Nice to hear there's life after back pain! I liked your 'treatment ' plan. 😂

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Jancanrun in reply to Gillma

That's why I had to post it on my blog and not here.... truthfully I would be in hot water...!

So glad to see you are off the IC. Welcome back! :)

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Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82

It's fab to be back...

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MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

Just having a look at your webpage now. :)

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Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82

Thanks - I got into the habit of writing after every run as it keeps me running....

so now its become addictive, which is a good thing I had to find a recipe to keep me running, and I think I have one now all thanks to this space...

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MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

I love it :)

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Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82


Great news you've returned from the IC Jan 🙂

Can't tell you how nice it feels....👍

Great to hear you're getting back on track. Love the idea of a long 'wun'! Hope you're enjoying cooler temperatures & being gently nudged into autumn.

It dropped 15 degrees and last night was jimjams and I almost broke out the emergency hairdryer bedwarming device.. but this morning back to 18 degrees, not scorchio, but warm enough. So happy to be running again👍

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