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Starting week 4

Well I have just done the first run of week 4. Can't believe I ran twice for 5mins!!!! My strategy with these podcasts is not to look ahead at the weeks to come, as knowing me ,I would convince myself that I can't do it before I have even tried. So when Laura casually announced that today we will be running four times and that two of those runs would be 5 mins long, I nearly panicked !

Silly me....because I did it and found it ok. What really intrigues me about all this is how quickly your body can adapt to these new challenges. My breathing is so much better,I am slowly losing weight and more importantly I am starting to change the way I think about myself. I still have that nagging little voice in my head that tells me I can't do it ,and that I will hurt myself ,I am too fat ,blah blah blah.......but I have learnt to tell it to p***s off!

And it feels good!

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Good for you. If you can keep telling your head you can do it is makes it better when it comes to longer runs. Good luck and keep running.


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