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Week 3 done, but enthusiasm low

Well, maybe run 3 was a little easier than the first run of the week was, but not by much. Even though I ran at 6.30am it was still hot and humid here and I don't think that helped. Wasn't really looking forward to the run and feeling my enthusiasm flag a little bit. I know I'm now entering a danger zone of finding excuses not to go out on Saturday for my next run.I'm hoping because I'm publically committed here to doing this it will shame me into getting through this and I will start to feel some more satisfaction soon.

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Awww Jillie, no beating yourself up - that's not allowed! Yes, the weather here too was horrid yesterday: very warm and airless - not at all nice for running! :(

However, today we are now threatened with thunder and storms! Think positively about your next outing ... consider all that you've achieved so far, consider the entire forum willing you onwards and upwards, consider the promises made to yourself about fitness! ;) You can't let all that go to waste!

Maybe you'll have some breeze, showers and puddles at the weekend ... If so, get out there and enjoy them all! Lots of us have been nutty enough to venture out in snow and storms and showers and run through puddles - if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go and have fun! (Why should the children have all the mucky fun? - it's wonderfully liberating!) Sometimes too, we just have grotty runs. Accept this and move on: the next ones are usually the best ones! :) Stay assured, the programme definitely works, and you are definitely getting fitter. Just stick with it (maybe taking longer recovery breaks when your body is tired) and we'll stick with you all the way. ;)

Find that enthusiasm again, and have a magnificent next run! We'll be waiting for the feedback! :D

Cheers, Linda x


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