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W9R1 done but still no where near 5k

The good news is that I ran for the full 30 minutes. It was a real struggle though - i hated every minute and was red in the face, perspiring and heavy breathing by the end (to be fair it was a bit warmer than when I usually run). In the 30 minutes, I only covered 3.85K and to be quite honest I couldn't have gone any faster or any further so I think the chances of ever running 5K are pretty slim. Still, I'm determined to complete the last 2 runs so that I don't let Laura or myself down. I'm thrilled to have got this far - would never have believed it possible, just wish I had the willpower to push on to 5K.

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Well done for going for the full 30 minutes. Think how far you've come in 9 weeks, from 1 minute to 30! If you're anything like me the 1 minute was a struggle, let alone 30! The programme isn't about distance, it's about staying power. Now that you can run for 30 mins you can build on that. You've come so far in 9 weeks, imagine what you could do in another 9. You'll gradually be able to run the 30 mins with less effort and perhaps then pick up the speed or go for longer. I'm sure the next run will feel easier and after the 3rd you will have graduated, what an achievement!


You do have it. You've made it this far. Sticking with it to week 9 is an amazing achievement. And so is running for 30 mins.

I've heard that increasing by 10% a week is a good plan. Maybe do 30 mins again a few times if you're worried, then add a wee bit on. Say aim for 4 or 4.2? Or run for 33 mins? Remember the jump from 8 minutes with walking to a full 20 mins? You made it. So you can gradually increase. Plus as you said, it was a bit warmer today so that would have made it hard.

You could also try the c 25k plus podcasts. Haven't tried them yet but perhaps one or all of those might help?

Never say never ok?


I completed C25K last week, but am still nowhere near 5k so you are not alone. My favourite moment of last week was when's walker overtook me! However because I now measure my distance, I've been enjoying the positive of even seeing 100 meters added to the previous distance.

Enjoy the wee successes, having made the big successful journey to this week!


I'm in exactly the same boat - week nine and I am running around the 3.8k mark. If I possibly can I want to run 4k on my final run, but I know there's no way in the world I could run 5k in 30 minutes... yet.

Because 9 weeks ago, I couldn't easily run for 1 minute and I didn't really believe I'd be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop - but I can!

When I graduate I have two more goals - the next one is to get to 5k, then the one after that is to get to 5k in 30 minutes. It might take me a few months to get there but I'm just going to keep plugging away until I get there. That's worked out pretty well for the past 9 week so that's my new method :-)

I do completely understand your frustration but there seem to be far more people on here who couldn't do 5k at graduation than those that can. I'm sure you can do it, just take it nice and gradual like the programme has been so far :-)


Absolutely should have mentioned that I am up to about 4k in 30 mins (seems to vary a bit atm) just graduated, and like the person above will try and get to 5k then try and speed up.

Good luck x


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