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W9R1 Done! Got the Garmin!

Well, after 3 days break, I did the W9R1 today, no stopping, ran the full 30 minutes! It was bit hard, maybe the break was too long…but did it anyway. That is the Good Bye to my boring route…I will find different routes to keep me motivated and make my runs more interesting with the help of my Garmin now!

Yes, yesterday I got my Garmin at last! Many thanks to everyone for all the good advise, suggestions given with regard to buying a Garmin. I settled for a Garmin Forerunner 110 with a HRM. (HRM came with it and the price difference was not so much, so got it with the HRM even though I may not use it in a regular basis)This is my present to myself for graduating, it is just that I got the present in advance as I would like my W9R3 to be special (to run 5K in a nice route and try to do it under 30 minutes..well that is the aim!) and the Garmin will help.

And Yes, I have been lying to you all this time (but not intentionally), I do apologise. I thought that I was running 5K all this time by calculating it by using post codes and then also by going the same route by car. Today I measured/calculated the distance by using the Garmin and it was few meters less. Anyway today I ran until Laura asked me to stop (full 30 minutes) and then walked the few more minutes until the Garmin showed me I have covered 5K! So, I completed the full 5K today in 33 minutes and 52 seconds. I am happy, not overly excited as it is almost 4 minutes above my expected and aimed timing, but hopefully I will get there later on.

I have my hand surgery on 30th and then two or maybe three weeks break and then time until 14th July (when I do my Race for Life) to raise the speed…

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ooooooooo! You will soooo love your garmin! :)

Who cares about a few metres? 5k in under 34 minutes is brilliant - I wouldn't be at all surprised if you get your target time by July.

Hope your final two week 9 runs go really smoothly and you enjoy them, especially the graduation one. You have done so well, you really have. :)


Yay!! Well done on the run - 5K in under 34 mins is brilliant for your first go at it. You'll definitely improve on that!

Just seen you're in Oxford - I did the Race for Life there last year, and it's a great course - all round the city centre, flat, scenic and with plenty of people cheering you on. You'll love it! :-)


Thank you Stefliser..I went to give some moral support to my 3 colleagues who did Race for Life last year..and then ended up signing to do it this year. I have already raised more than £500 and the aim is to run the 5K under 30 minutes.

I have done all my running so far in pavements so not sure how it would be on grass. My route until now had bit of a hill as well, so it would be nice to run on a flat route!


Garmin and me!! Yeaaahhh!

Thank you greenlegs, you have always been such an inspiration + encouragement+++ to me!! I really HAVE done well greenlegs, me..running? Few weeks ago I would not believe if someone told me that I would be running 30 minutes non-stop, let alone run 5K!

I still remember when I signed up for Race for Life last year. I got so emotional so did not think twice but went ahead and signed up. When I was returning home I was thinking what I have done, how would I run 5K! When I started this programme and when I did the first day few minutes run, (only a minute non stop running) I was so thrilled and also knackered! After 30 minutes run I can still breathe and come home and do some stretching exercises! How do I do that?!

I do thank Laura and this program, I have already persuade one of my work colleagues to start doing this..because if I can do this, anyone can!


"After 30 minutes run I can still breathe" - funny! :)

That's really good that you've inspired someone else at work to take it up too. Feels good to pass on the wonder of running, doesn't it?! :)


So many at work asked me about the program greenlegs, and one has already started to do this, it is great to see that people are really interested. I think it is just getting out of the couch is the hard part and for so many ladies at work the BIG problem is 'what would people think of me, I really can't run..will they laugh at me'! I know how they feel though as I had similar feelings, hence the woolly hat and running in the night until I started running about 10 minutes non-stop! Now, I don’t care how I run, I would run in the day light! I AM a runner!! (Who thought, heh?)


Wow, hats off, Mini! You're well on the way to beating the 5K in 30 minutes by graduation (amazing), plus you've already raised so much for charity AND got someone else started on this programme. You're a star, that's what you are and don't you ever forget it. :D

Enjoy your final runs and make that graduation one really special!


Thank you con-brio!! You are soo kind! I feel happier now! I am thinking of this new route to do my last two runs and also got new music down loaded. (In fact Hubby who is not too keen on running with me got the music for me and they seem to be better than Laura's selections. I do feel sad to drop Laura in my last 2 weeks as she had been with me all these weeks, but she herself said to go for my own music if I wish, which I decided to do. I still do love her very much though!) Thank you for your kind words!!


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