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nearly ready

Been reading posts but havent posted for a bit because my knees did not like me jogging. finished week 1 it went better than i thought. did wk2 run 1 then i couldt do any more. knees protested very much. posted on here and wonderful people that you are, gave me lots of advice , told me not to jog . So i didnt and now nearly 3 weeks of rest im nearly ready to try again. i can recommend the knee exercises i found on here. so fingers crossed end of next week im getting back out there. going to take it slow and steady eyes,fingers and toes crossed. will keep you all posted you very kind and helpuf

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Hi flart really good luck but take it easy. A good long walk before

very gently easing into a run. If your knees hurt revert to walking.

The body take months to adapt to running as its so hard on the

body. So take your time and you should be ok. Good luck, Ed x



Big Ed

Will not be doing anything my old knees don't want to. Couldn't go through all that pain again.x


Hi flart cant blame you for that. Swimming or cycling would

be better due to the lower impact and would strengthen them.

Good luck, Ed x


I've got a cross trainer at home.going back on it tomorrow . I could do 30 mins at a steady 6 mph . I figured this is about a slow jog pace. Will take it easy on it and see how I get on. Any sign of pain and i will stop.x


Excellent idea flart. Let us know how you get on pls, Ed x


You're a week ahead of me, anyway! I did week 1 day 1 today. I haven't done running before, because my knees or ankles tend to let me down, so it was useful to read your post. I shall go very gently too!

Sounds as though 30 min at 6mph is a pretty good place to start though! Good luck.


Best wishes for a successful return, Flart!! It sounds like you have the correct mindset, taking it slowly and listening to your body! I think that that may be the very best approach for you!!

Best of Luck!! :-)



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