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A little positivity - let's share

If my Mum was still around she would tell me I have been a right "Moaning Minnie" recently and she would probably be right, I've let everything get on top of me and only started to focus on the negatives. So I thought it was time to inject some positives in my life and celebrate them rather than focusing on the other stuff. When I think of the list as a positive rather than a negative it makes everything look different.

I thought we could all have a share of positive stuff that going on because let's face it if we are on this forum whether we are running or on the IC the intent and desire is there so that has to be a positive in itself no matter what else is going on and we all have that in common.

This is how I was negatively viewing things

I can't run 10km anymore

I used to walk 20km a week

I used to be a size 10-12

Spam attacks are the pits

I needed a change of perspective.

So here are a list of my positives

I'm running 3-5km a week faster than I was before I took the distance down

I'm walking 7-14 km a week, this is my destress time.

My tick box program for Strength training has produced arms that I'm now happy to wear sleeveless tops.

Joining weight watchers online has produced a 1/2 stone weight loss in a month and still going

I am very healthy (confirmed by doctors)

I have so much support and understanding from everyone on here about spam and my lack of distance. Etc.

I have this forum (❤️love, ❤️love ❤️love it.)

So with all that how can I feel that things are all going wrong, too many positives to feel negative. As you can see it's the same week just a different view, if your struggling with your running try changing the view around I'm sure it will make a difference. Even if your on the IC the positive is you want to run again, if you didn't you wouldn't be on here so that's a massive positive and that is main thing that will get you back out there when your ready.

Even if your in week one and your finding it a struggle, your here and you've done your step out the door or you are just about to, how positive is that.

Let's all post some positivity to share around. Please feel free to list a positive thing that your doing.

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Oo, strength training and happy arms - I'm so going there. (now to read the rest of your post)


That's a list to be proud of RFC!

Please don't feel down about the spam - we all really appreciate what you are doing to clear it up!

I'm still plodding away doing 4.5 - 5.5k per run but I just love it! Proud to call myself a runner.


Thank you, it's a total joint effort from everyone. Running is just so uplifting isn't it.


Great idea, Rfc, and congrats on your arms, your weight loss and your health :) Thank you as well for your tireless efforts against the pathetic spammers (and thanks to the other admins as well).

Things I am grateful for include the very kind coaching of a fellow runner from C25K to help me with my bike riding. He came down today and spent considerable time with me and made a huge difference with his encouragement and tips :) Okay, I had an 'unplanned dismount' (as we used to say in horse-riding) into the verge and a ditch, but that was entirely my fault and he fished me out and encouraged me to get back on and finish the ride :D This forum is wonderful for friendship, support and encouragement, not just with running :)


Thank you. Team effort on the spam from all of us. So nice that you got help with your bike. When I was doing my Tri I got loads of support from cyclists, I think when we love something we like to share that passion. Exercise is great for that. Hope your not too bruised from you unplanned dismount.

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RFC, you're just amazing with what you're managing at the moment and we are all very grateful. And this post provides food for thought. Here are my positives: I CAN RUN! Sometimes under 7 mins per k, mostly at about 7:30 per km - which although not speedy is a lot faster than I've ever run before. I get out at least 3x a week and run anything between 12 and 20k a week. I walk about 40k a week (minimum) which I wasn't doing 2 years ago. And I'm 40lbs lighter than I was 2 years ago. I have a job that I enjoy with fantastic colleagues and a lot of freedom. My family is healthy and my boys are well on their way to becoming independent, sensible adults.

It is good sometimes to recall the positives - thanks for making us stop and think. Mind you I need to do something about my upper arms 😈


Thank you. That's a great speed, I get a really boost when I see my speed changing because I know how much work has gone into the little differences. 40km a week walk that's great, no wonder your 40lb lighter.


Well done for getting the spam under control :-D . I am in a much better place now than a couple of years ago and I focus on the progress that I am making. Although I haven't quite got to the point of getting a job, I have taken a lot of steps towards this and am hopeful that I can turn my period of long term unemployment around ( any tips for getting back into work gratefully received!) I am also a lot healthier and fitter thanks to the running. I have never been able to run for more than a minute so running is a massive achievement.

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We're nearly there, still a bit of spam popping up daily but soon I'm sure it will all stop. Confidence is the great step to helping get work, also my friend swears by working in charity shops inbetween jobs as it gives the future employers a great view of dedication to work ethics. Healthier and fitter is a great starting place I'm sure it won't be long until you have that job. Good luck.


Ahh thank you! I have recently started volunteering so I really hope it helps. All positive steps! You guys are great- running tips and employment tips what more could you want :-D


As Ullyrunner said, that's a list to be proud of. I'm always impressed when people turn negatives into positives - it can be really tough. And it's amazing how a different perspective can give you, well, a different perspective. Thanks for all the hard work on the spam. This forum is a happy place to be and you're a big part of that. Completing c25k is my big positive at the moment, sometimes I can't believe I'm me - it's had such a profound effect on how I feel about myself. for the first time in years I feel that I can trust my body, and that makes me feel full of potential!


Thank you, your right it's easy to get bogged down but one of the reasons I love this forum is I can just sit and read positive things for hours, if I want to. I'm so pleased your getting so much from running, it really is the gift that just keeps giving.


My little bit of positivity:

I'm loving my job

My family are all doing ok, despite various concerns over the past year or so

I'm running again :)

Editing to add a couple more things:

This forum is FAB! So much hell and support from people who've been there, done that, battled the same gremlins

I've lost over 10lb since mid-April. Very slow, but that's ok - it's going!


Glad the family are doing ok, it's hard when you worry for them. Congratulations on the 10lb. Weight loss is like running slow and steady wins the day..


Great post Rfc, and loads of positives on your list !

We really do appreciate all the hard work you put into this forum, you make this place the lovely friendly place it is .

Its so satisfying to see new members progressing through the programme and graduating then going on and enjoying their new found love of running . I think we all experienced those feelings of self doubt and apprehension when we joined and its great to see how their self confidence, self esteem general fitness and well being increase dramatically.

Long may it continue !

Spammers may come and go , but we are here and we shall not be moved ! :-D

My positives are : I can run for 14k non stop !! Yes, me !!

I feel the best I have in years , I have lost 1st 10lbs since January .

I am eating well and enjoying my food ! :-) xxx


Thank you. I love watching people grow and find their feet while they go through the program, it's the best bit about this forum. 14 km wow well done, I remember when you were unsure yourself about that, now your sailing through your training, your obviously a natural at distance. Well done on the 1 stone 10lb, that's amazing, there will be nothing left of you soon😃.

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Oh I'm loving all this positivity! My positives...

11 weeks ago I struggled to get out of a chair.

Today I ran for 30 minutes.

11 weeks ago, I was unsure, felt weak and insignificant.

Today, I feel empowered, strong and confident

Last December, I lost my Dad

Today I felt as though I'm still doing something that would make him proud.

I love, love, LOVE this forum.

And the spam thing? Rfc, I am amazed that you manage to keep it under control! That's a full time job in itself when it kicks off. I think a massive round of applause is due to you and all the other admins for keeping this special place safe and secure for us all to enjoy 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


It's great how the program just holds your hand through it and before you know it your running 30min. Well done. So sorry about your Dad, I came to running after losing my Mum I just needed to do something healthy with my grief. I'm sure he would be so proud.

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Only just seen this reply rfc - sorry about your Mum too. You've just put my thoughts into the words I couldn't find... "wanting to do something healthy with your grief". That is it, in a nutshell. And our Dad's and Mums WOULD be proud. Thanks for that xx


I run. Not as often, as far or as fast as I have before, but that will wax and wane and I'm okay with that.

Running has given me the confidence to sign up for physical things I wouldn't have tried before. I know I'll give everything my best shot.

I have several races coming up. They won't be fast, or long, but they'll be loads of fun no matter how much I run or walk.

Happy running folks.


Im with you, I'm doing more and more non relating running exercise but still keeping running at my core, I just have more energy to do other things as well, I like shaking things up a bit. I have a 5km in a couple of weeks I looking forward to see how that goes. Good luck with your events.


Thanks RFC for making me do this first thing in the morning. It is going to be a great day!

👎 I'm slow and can't get my 5k sub30

👍 Last week I shaved a whooping 5 minutes of my 5k time

👎 I haven't got the guts to run races

👍 I run in a fabulous running club 1-2 a week

👎 I weigh 7kg more than I should

👍 I have lost 7 kg in 8 weeks and running has made me look and feel so much better

👎 Ihave a stressful job that keeps me awake at night sometimes

👍 I have a meaningful, exiting job and lovely colleagues


Great list. I don't ever think I will do a sub 30min 5km, but I love my little increases in speed. We are all different I haven't the guts to join a running club but love events. Congratulations on the 7kg that's a massive achievement.


I didn't have the guts for a running club either - until I met the "getting started" team leader and she told me I would fit in perfectly with my (lack of) speed, age and (lack of) experience. It depends entirely on the people in the club, and I have been so incredibly lucky. I'm telling you - the camaraderie is like on this forum - everybody is supporting each other and a couple of very experienced runners lead us. Amazing.


Aptly timed for me, my husband is having some health issues and undergoing some pretty grim tests. The docs are fairly sure there is nothing serious wrong with him, but it's taking up a lot of time and mental energy, not least because the hospital is a 40 minute drive and we have 4 visits this week. I hate that it's him, I'd much rather go through it myself than be feeling so nervous on his behalf.

That's the negative stuff - on the positive side...

The worry has made us even closer than usual

My manky Achilles has kept its moaning mouth shut for 3 months - hooray!

I've found quite a few lovely new routes, I'm so lucky to have two such beautiful, and different, places to run.

I've seen a couple of amazing birds, an eagle with a six foot wing span flew over my head a couple of weeks ago, gobsmacking.

The sunflowers are out all over the place, they really cheer up a run!

The mornings are getting cooler, it's been a glorious summer and really the heat has been nothing like last year, but I do like a chilly morning!

I get fantastic support from the local people when they see me running, they think I'm great! (a bit bonkers, but great!)

Thank you for making me look for the good stuff RFC. xxx


I'm sorry your other half isn't well. I really know what that's like and it saps your energy. I hope there is a speedy recovery on the horizon. Thinking of you both. Wow that eagle must of been amazing if not a little scary. I get to see rats and squirrels on my run. Take care. Rfc X,

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Thank you RFC, my Baldy is not ill as such, but having worrying symptoms. They do stuff weird here in France, we've had to go into town to see the consultant, get blood tests, see the aneathestist, and the procedure on Monday, you have to make all your own appointments, it's not joined up like it is in UK. It's costing a fortune too....still, I different way of looking at his symptoms can only be good

I only thought afterwards that the eagle could well have attacked me if I had got too near its nest. It was big enough to have carried me off!

I wasn't going to run until all this is over, but thanks to you I ran yesterday, and I'm just on my way out again this morning. Thanks for that too.


Brilliant post....:) Thank you for sharing and for everything you work so hard at to keep us happy and safe... along with the team :)




Run three times a week

Can still run 5K in 30 minutes... :) ( Stuck at 9..but no worries )

Started writing again, regularly

Have regained a trim waist and gained slightly fatter, shapely legs!

About to become a Grammy Floss

Seeing the world and things in it with new more open,eyes

Calmer generally , not as easily phased

Realised that, actually there really are a lot more kind and decent people in this world than the other kind. The whole forum is fantastic.

Main positive. Life is for living... Carpe diem..Seize the day!

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No way are your legs fatter flossy. I don't believe it. You have bulked them up with muscle perhaps but fat? - Nah come off it :)

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Oh.. okay then... toned!!! :)

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You're so right. Sometimes it isn't the way the world is but how we choose to see it thst makes a difference. I had a hard week of running when it eas very hot. I slept badly due to the heat and dragged myself through my runs with leaden legs. I really began to wonder whether I was losing the ability to run. Then I read an article on "stubborn runbers" and I realised that although I was not running particularly hard or far, neither was I pushing myself much in training, I may still have been over-training. It is hard not to be stubborn about running, to let go and have a week off or at least reduce to 3 short or even 2 short runs a week but it worked. My running is back where it was and as easy as it had been. Consider once in a while taking a week off. It seems to work great :)

Another thing I told myself is that if we are dependent on external events or other people to feel happy, we will inevitably be unhappy a lot of the time. Running switches on my happiness flow, even if I don't want to run and the run is a struggle, the act of doing it floods your body and mind with dopamine. Add to that the concrete decision to lead a happy life and to be positive in the way you talk about and think about your life and you really can turn things around. Love your running, love yourself and love your life

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After feeling quite bad at the start of the week with a flare up of my body aches and fatigue, I did a slow 20min run on the beach. Not much and not far but it's nice to feel more human!


Have just seen this post RFC and I'm so pleased I did. Firstly, you are an extraordinary lady with the heart of a lion to do all you do AND fight the good fight against the spammers. You're always there with a quiet word of encouragement or support at the right moment, and that means such a lot.

This forum is an amazing place full of lovely people who only want to help and encourage, to share in other people's successes and to offer solace when things aren't going to plan. I love it here and I absolutely know I wouldn't still be running if it wasn't for you and the good people on here.

So the negatives: I get injured, infact I get injured all the time. Dunno why, I guess I'm just sickly. If it isn't my asthma, then it's aches pains and twinges and the odd broken bone. So I've had to accept that whilst other people seem to go from strength to strength and indeed from 5k to 10k to HM, I still haven't managed to get to all the way to 10k. However, the positive is that I keep coming back for more. I just redo the programme and dig in again until the next injury. And the best thing is that each time I do it I get a little bit faster. Another positive is that at 57, I am running in shorts (well a skort) but definitely in a very short garment and I'm not at all embarrassed about it. This is a major first for me. I've always been quite slim but I've never had the confidence to wear short shorts, even on the beach in my twenties. Running has given me so much confidence not just to get my legs out but to believe I can do anything I set my mind to.

So thank you for this post RFC, it's good to dwell on the positives sometimes xx

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I'll join the chorus thanking you for your anti-spam endeavours - you are our Wonder Woman!

I like your idea - it's always better to see the jug half full than half empty, but we forget it all too often.

I was thinking about my "problem" when running this morning - I procrastinate far too much, and tend to worry about obstacles that are actually inexistant/unfounded, or are much less daunting than I'd like to believe. The positive is the realisation that the best things in life are simple, free and priceless if you know where to look (generally much closer than you think). In my case, it was blue sky, a pleasant breeze, my feet hitting the tarmac, and the realisation that I was, in fact, a very lucky girl if I got my butt of my office chair and had a good look at my life.


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