W8 nearly done but disheartened at reading how fast everyone else is in their blogs!

I want remain slightly proud of myself that I managed to do 5k in my week 8 runs and hold onto the positives for as long as I can but am getting more and more disheartened that I regularly read just how fast everyone is going:( Im amazed that after only 2 months I am running at all and how I've progressed - 60 seconds was only a short time ago and was torture. 2 days ago I ran a whole 5k but I'm not that fast and worried I'm bottom of the class:(


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  • You're nowhere near the bottom of the class! You're so much faster than I am & you should be pleased at how far you've come.

    I finished the plan months ago and still only manage to run about 2.40 miles - nowhere near the 3.10 miles / 5k. In fact, the only time I've managed to cover the 5k was when I continued to walk after my 30 min run - I think it took me an extra 10 mins or so. Now YOU'RE making ME feel bad! I usually do my warm up and cool down walks at 3.8mph and run at 4.80mph. I did try to run faster, at 5.0mph, but my little legs just couldn't cope with that speed.

    Just remember there will always be someone slower than you and in this case, it's definitely me! Good luck for the remainder of the plan

  • Jana I'm with you. Glad someone else is my speed. We are moving more than if we were sat on our couch!

  • It did take me 55 minutes to run the 5k though = super slow lol. x

  • Dont be disheartened - you can run 5K!! From reading the blogs on here it seems speed comes after graduation. Make increasing your speed your next aim one you've got your shiny green badge - it will keep you motivated :)

  • Thank you! Sometimes I get disheartened reading how fast ppl other than me seem to be able to run. Im honestly and genuinely pleased for them but dont know how they are doing it. I know we are all different shapes and sizes, weights, levels of fitness etc but I guess I wish I could be a bit faster! Hope you are getting on ok. x

  • I'm doing ok thanks - did W5R1 last night which I manged but noticed that my distance was reduced. I'm guessing thats because I ran more and I clearly run slower than I walk?! For now i'm just pleased i'm getting through the runs! x

  • Well done! Keep going. 4 weeks will fly by and you will soon get your badge!!! x

  • oops, might be my fault there ... sorry!!

    But seriously though - speed is not at all important. Some people will just run quicker than other people. just like some people walk faster, some grow taller, some have thick hair others have no hair? what I'm saying is that physically we are all different, so physically we will all run differently.

    The key to any program whether is be learning to run for 5k or stopping smoking or loosing weight; learning to drive - anything really - it's not about how much, it's about how far you have progressed on your own journey...

    Like you say 8 weeks ago just running for 1 minute was torture, but now you run at least 30 times more than that.... I bet there's not much else you have done in the last 5 years where you have achieved a 30x improvement in just 9 weeks?

    So you are entitled to be proud of what you have done & it is a massive achievement - you did that 5k, nobody else did it for you - we've come through this step by step, we've both improved & we are both going to graduate soon .... so it doesn't matter where you are in the class - what's most important is that you belong here - in the running school of C25K.

    Chin up - keep smiling & happy running

  • couldn't agree more - well put :)

  • Thank you. Dont make me cry! - im at work:) Thats just what i needed. I wasnt trying to focus on the negatives and was trying my best to keep them at bay but I was just having a moment where I felt a little bit behind. Im genuinely impressed at all of us - getting out there in all weathers making positive choices to improve things. I will keep going - only one more week!!!!!!

  • I'm slow too!

  • Joanne if it was all about speed and having to run 5K in 30 minutes I would have givem up 2 years ago. I still can't do 5K in that time and don't think I ever will but "Am I worried, am I heck" I love my running, I do it my way, my speed, where I want and don't bother about anyone else's times. Oh please don't get me wrong, I love to hear how everyone is getting on but thats their running not mine. I can't compare my speed and time against a 25 year old man who is 6'4" tall, when I'm 62 5'1" short, asthmatic too. So my running achievments are mine to be proud of and thats the way you should treat your achievments, with respect because its all been down to you and your efforts. Well done on your wonderful achievments to date, just get back out there and enjoy what you are doing cos you are doing very, very well.

  • Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciated. This forum has been a huge huge help. Im back today feeling positive. Ive only one week to go and hope to make the best of it. Thanks for taking the time to make me feel better:)

  • Hey Joanne (who's 37) don;t feel glum! Surely the thing about this program that we all learn to run 5K - now whether that's 30, 40 or 55 mins doesn't matter. YOU RAN A 5K!! WOWZA. That's amazing.

    Running is exactly like anything in life - do it enough times and you'll get better, faster, fitter. Simples!


  • Thank you. The gremlins beat me yesterday but im back. Onwards and upwards. Happy running!

  • I'm on week 9 and am doing 3.5km in 30 minutes and am nowhere near 5km. I'm going to try 5k after graduation but it will be a walk/run. Just look how far you've come. Today I improved my distance by a whole street so I reckon if I keep running three times a week I will get faster.

    Remember every journey starts with a single step and couch25k certainly does! You are running 5k which is fantastic. Just keep going and be proud of what you've achieved so far.

    Good luck for the rest of the programme and keep blogging!

  • I just read your blog and although I run faster (I have a limited time in the morning, I think I'm always worried about getting back to my girls to give them breakfast!), my first thought was, wow! She can run for 55 minutes! So there you go, we all read things in different ways! You're doing brilliantly! :)

  • Awww thank you. I just let the gremlins beat me thats all but today is a fresh day and I need to think of the positives as there are lots of them. Thank you for your kind words. This forum certainly helps out when you are feeling a bit low. :)

  • I'm joining this thread late but confirm the other comments, I can 'run' for 30 minutes now but I only manage just over half of a 5k distance in that time. I'm hoping speed will develop as I continue running.

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