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What to do with the B3an

Hi all, I am getting up every other day at 5:30 to run around the roads, bridleways, paths and not so beaten tracks around my house, and I am getting a little bit well boreds not the right word for it, I think weary.

There's no point mentioning that 5:30 is going to tire you out, of course it is and that might be the problem. I don't know I'm just missing something.

Maybe it's the fact that I've done week 9 and not got the desire at the moment to do the next push. Maybe it's I don't have the time as I realy have to be back by the time mini-me gets up.

It might be the 1:30\2am wake up of the tiny one for a feed. I'm just not getting it.

Although saying all that, I am still having some fun.

I left this morning and decided to do an old favourtie it's just over 5km and I cracked it off in 37 minutes. Not too happy about the time as it was slower than Mondays 5km run. Yes ok obvious observation you sharp eyed wits, of course a run which is over 5km is going to take longer than one which is 5km, but you know what I mean.

Had a podcast on which was set at 145bpm - that gets the legs pumping.

Anyway off I ran, and up the hill I went. I remeber in week 3 or so the hill seemed to go on for ever and I think it was a 5 minute run section which I did and was so grateful for the walking rest at the top. Not today, just ran up the hill and carried on running without a care in the world.

Now it was very very cold this morning, for the boys amoungst you all, you will remeber the school days when you went to school in short trousers, and youe used to chase each other around the plaground on a winters morn, trying to slap the thighs of your friends - or was that just me? Well it was that sort of cold, if anyone had given me a slap, I would have probably shed a tear and slapped your thigh back!

So the ground was frozen underfoot. Which was interesting on the down hill bridle way stretch as the horse's hoof marks were very treacherous to run on. Could have turned an ankle - ooo.

But no I had the balance of a mountain goat, leaping from mound to mound. Till I felt the slap slap of a loose lace, oh well trot on just over this very wet muddy bit and deal with it on the other side.

Here is a tip I will give you for free, dear readers. Never ever leave your shoe lace untied, not even if it's for a moment.

So having run on hard spikey ground I manage to find myself face planted in a puddle of deep stinky mud - flippin winner.

Only one thing for it, run it off. The embarresment the shame the stench of failure.

Well not really failure as I continued running, and I finished the route, with cursory nod to fellow runner in the opposite direction.

Maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit down, or maybe, I just took the wrong route.

Having re-read this post I think the problem might be a touch of SAD, which is daft considering we are in March and the sun is shining. The issue probably is that before last Sunday there was daylight when I left and now meh it's all dark. But not for long!

Laters Potaters - from your disaster prone running chum

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how can you say you are a bit bored when you found a puddle to play in!

different music. that helps me. & I like to have a goal.

Ive been running to the new audiofuel podcast that laura wanted us to try out. it starts with 5 mins of 150 or 155bpm then ups to 160bpm which is a nice pace 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4...

I feel for you when you mention night feeds ~ you never know how long they will be. but I admire you for still getting up ultra early to fit a run in ~ thats dedication. & if you want to offer some tips on hills Im all ears :)


firstly, loved you post!

The night feeds are a killer anyway without getting up at 5.30am to go running.

Your achievements are major things to be proud of.

Any chance of being able to join a local Parkrun on a Saturday morning? Could be a good next move if possible for you.


It all depends on what Mrs B3an says. It's a little tough on her to deal with the baby all week and then add to that a 3 year old, it seems a little unfair for me to be at work all week and then tootle off for a session with a bunch of other grown ups when she's doing the business.

So that's why the 5:30 runs are where it's at for the time being because Mrs B3an and the kids are asleep, and so they are non-the wiser about what I'm up to. Of course if she caught me playing on the Xbox then there would be hell to pay ;)


Everything is tougher with young kiddies in tow I completely understand! I am just coming through the other side, mine are 8 and 13 so a bit more self-sufficient.

Can you run with a push chair? It might knock the cross country on the head on those days but keeps you going, gives Mrs Bean a break and just between you and I - remember "Three Men and a Baby" ;-)


You should publish your diaries!!!


Why not make up a picnic on sunny Saturdays and make it a family outing to the nearest park run, you'll only take half an hour running and then you could give your attention to the children :) How many sunny Saturdays will we have?


What a great Dad you are - lots of Dads would just get on with their own stuff anyway and leave the kiddies to the Mum. Well done. Sometimes though, I think we try to squeeze too much into our days and then we get exhausted, and when you have small children that zombie-like exhaustion never seems to quite go away. Give yourself a break - you've done really well. Be proud of what you have achieved and just do what you can do. Now is not the right season to be pushing yourself to do more - you just need to survive it. You will come out the other side - I am just peering cautiously out the other side at the moment and it feels great. When you are out the other side, you will be able to do more and have more energy, but for now you just need to be kind to yourself and your Mrs.


I've missed your blogs! You need to remember how well you are doing...Wish I could run as fast and as far as you!

Think you need to plan a new route with some gates to swing on...that would make a run more interesting! :)


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