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I have not been out for 10 days or so, and I vowed that I would today, and I did. I climbed aboard the car, drove to my local river and ran towards the dam. Part way there I realised I had no watch or anything else with

With no means of timing, and no iPod ect I just ran and 'listened' to my body. It is a steady pull on the way up with the accompaniment of the river, birds, Dartmoor ponies, walkers and some cattle. I ran until I felt in need of a rest, walked until I felt sufficiently recovered and then ran again. On the way back I just ran...and ran...and ran. I did walk on a couple of occasions for 30 seconds, but mostly I just ran.

What a feeling. I have never run like that before, normally being a slave to time. I felt so free.

I would suggest, nay urge any of the runners on here to giving it a try. Leave Laura behind, put the iPhone/iPod down and just listen to your body. With any luck you too will feel as alive as I do.

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What a brilliantly optimistic picture you've painted, not only of your lovely locality but also your happy mind-set of freedom!

Enjoy this kind of experience often - I didn't know that such moments existed until I started running earlier this year. Now, I've even enjoyed solitude, and stress-empty headedness here in the busy, usually noisy, home counties. Pure bliss - and getting fitter to boot! How perfect some things are :)


Life IS good!

I try to get out cycling when I can (I live in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor), and the weather doesn't always play ball ~ yesterday was hideous, but I still did an 11 mile ride and I couldn't get any wetter.

Running, as you say, is an opportunity to enjoy solitude, and to become as one with your surroundings. A real chance to get things in [our far too hectic] life in perspective.

Enjoy your running; enjoy getting fitter and live life to the full ~ as I once heard, 'you only pass this way once' ~ or to quote Land Rover 'One Life ~ Live It'.


Now then Sallycycle, that was a lovely easy feeling blog and it is something I will try very soon. My programme is totally off course because my Mum died on Tuesday morning and I have simply not been at home to do a thing! i did try a small feeble apology of a run yesterday morning but I am beginning to feel the need to get out soon. I like the idea of running 'free' and will give it a try. You are right - LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL! I have learnt that this week!

Thank you for such a lovely blog.


Really sorry to hear of your loss, Beek. Take care of yourself.

As you say, this is a lovely blog, and I hope you manage to get out and have a run a bit like this too.


Beek, I am so sorry for your loss. I can empathise to an extent, but no-one really knows how you are feeling. Take time, revel in the small things in life [a small delicate flower, a raidrop running down a window] and gradually the pain eases.

I will say a prayer for you.


Firstly Beek your in my thoughts at this time of your great loss. You are so right too as we (hubby and myself) get older I have taken life by the horns so to speak and go at things as if there maybe won't be a tomorrow, we never know that could be the case so I echo your words - LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL.

Sallycycle I loved your blog, written and run with passion, pride and enjoyment. I'm a great believer in doing just what you have especially if things have gone a bit pear shaped. No pressure, no times to be met, just the frredom to do it how you feel like. Best way to put things right. Lovely blog thank you. :)


Thank you for your kind words.

It is important to keep our feet on the ground and not let things get out of proportion ~ as they easily can. I find running (and cycling) helps with this. Our son has rowing; we have running (well, more me than the Mrs as she is in the middle of end-of-year-reports).

Keep running, and enjoy every day, whatever it may bring.


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