Couch to 5K

When it's good, it's so so good!

Today was one of those great runs when I just lost myself in it. W5 R2, I started really slowly, keeping a good pace for the first 8 min run and when it finished I felt I could've kept going, I was astonished! I didn't feel I needed the whole 5 min recovery walk in between, I was buzzing.

The second run was also great, I kept it steady again not wanting to tire but I was feeling really good, there was a great light drizzle and breeze, which felt so nice on my face. I came across someone I knew and instead of wanting to dive into a bush like I normally do I felt so proud and beamed at them. Then I realised if I was able to beam like a looney I wasn't working hard enough so upped my pace a little.

Just after Laura announced there was just 60 seconds left some annoying youths got in front of me on the path, so, as I was feeling so good, I checked for traffic and sprinted past them on the road and kept a proper running pace (rather than my usual jog) going until the end.

I feel great, and so proud of myself, starting to believe this might not just be a whim to shape up and improve my weight loss results, and maybe I could actually become a runner!

Run 3 left of week 5 and I was previously dreading it, but now I feel a lot better, the secret will be pacing myself I believe.

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I felt exactly the same during last nights W5R2 - I wish now i'd carried on running during the 5 mins walk which I didn't really need :) Good luck with Run 3!


Great positive attitude! I'm dreading mine later today! But you've given me some hope :) Thanks.


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