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W8R2-Wind, rain and missing podcast

Went out this morning for W8R2. Found that all the podcasts on my MP3 player had reverted to week 2, weird. It was also really windy and raining. At this point I really didn't fancy it. So, I put on some music and set off for the 5 min warmup and the 28 min run.

Really surprised how good it was, actually quite enjoyed it. This is the first time I've done one of these without the podcast pushing me along. I did miss the little motivational talks though :) Going away this weekend so W8R3 will be on holiday, not sure how that will go as I've no idea yet where I will do it. I finally seem to be picking up a little bit of speed to, up until now it's been more of a plod than a run. Still 28 mins though so really pleased with that. I might use one of the apps that get mentioned on here to measure my distance and speed for next week, no idea how fast or far I'm really going.

Anyway, one more run for this week and then on to the final week. Happy running everyone.

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Great progress, and now an independent runner too ;) - it's a nuisance when technology spooks us, but you coped and succeeded, so you can now do your own thing for the last few runs aided by a wristwatch to check your times. Distance can be calculated later on a map or good ole 'mapmyrun'. Have a great holiday, some super last runs for the programme and I look forward to your grad blog soon. :) cheers to you too, Linda x


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