Wind & rain and 4 PBS! YAY!

Wind & rain and 4 PBS! YAY!

Due to a strange quirk in our rotas at work, i now have 3 days off :) Decided to have a bit of a lie in (after working sat eve til late then sunday daytime) had breakfast in bed with a good book and then watched the forecast, rainy most of the day :(

i had planned my runs this week as mon, weds and sat so today was the day of that first run. So after my walk with George in the relative dry conditions i decided - in a radical(for me!) moment - to tackle the other end of my seafront run. I'm curious to see how far the distance is so eventually i can tag it on to my other run and eventually join the two together! (i say this optimistically!) The run today- (can't find a perfect depiction) was from further to the right to almost the distance in the left of the picture and back(got picture online as no camera with me!it doesn't show the rain! )

well i was certainly quite windy coming straight off the sea and the rain was pelting down quite a bit! i consoled myself that this meant the wind would be behind me for the return section! Was trying for the 2nd time the "stepping stones" podcast, which saw me with 3 PBs 2 weeks ago! Worth another try and Laura would in theory keep me going for those 30 mins! had to run past quite a lot of tourists(forgot the easter hols) all heading for the dry on the pier, and 2 sets of workmen and a large group of teenagers which was a real test- was glad i had my earphones in to block out any remarks( you never know!)... Got past the end of the pier and past the 1st beach huts and to the bottom of the steep walkway, turned around-bliss no wind! the podcast seemed to last a REALLY long time, and had a mini hill to tackle- on the final straight realised i was nearly back at car before Laura had finished, so had to turn back in that wind and backtrack a little! i was glad when the time was up- very puffed out! Did the warm down walk on the beach and then back to the car. Stopped the garmin and new record flashed up! not just one but 4! fastest 1k(5.48 mins) , 5k, 1 mile and 2 mile! So maybe the rain and Laura made me faster! i still don't feel like it comes easy but can see the improvements happening which is encouraging! My OH will be impressed! hes just gone to work in Korea for 2 weeks and hoped i would keep up the running, will have to send him the stats via email!

Legs are a bit stiff(ouch!) but mostly ok, looking forward to Weds run now, might try the forest!

Happy running everyone !


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15 Replies

  • A kilometre in 5'48? That's flippin' amaaaaazing aliboo! Jolly well done to you, you're doing really well AND in wind and rain as well. Don't forget to rest now.....

  • thanks Dan! :) think previously it was 5.59, but usually its around 6.40, maybe it was the incentive of getting to the end on that last 1k , & the wind was behind me most of that! My left leg, ( the one that plays up) is feeling a bit stiff! Got to go out in the rain in a bit for doggy walk so that will do it good to stop it seizing up! Maybe that 10k may happen one day, you're inspiring me this week after your great runs! :)

  • Well done on a great run. I think I like the bit about the lie in with a book better though! That's something I do frequently. Happy running and best wishes.

  • thanks Fitmo! yes it was nice :)

  • wow, what a fantastic run...sometimes it just all clicks doesn't it??

  • it was an experience! does feel like its getting a bit easier, maybe all the people around made me speed up too! Didn't want to look TOO slow! :)

  • Well done Ali! Great time too. Flippin eck! I am dead jealous of your time! In the wind and rain too. I was running in wind and rain today. I got drowned! Still, it was better than being in the house washing pots or summat.

    It's a great feeling when a run goes well. You must be proper chuffed

  • thanks! yes i was pleased to see those PBs come up! don't think that will happen every time tho! sometimes its nice to get out in the rain then come back to the warm and a late lunch and cuppa! Next time i do that run i will have to lunch at the cafe thats just reopened for the season- they do the BEST cheesy chips-Yum! but i'm going to my SW weigh in on weds eve so didn't this time, didn't want to undo the hard slog! Didn;t get any tidying up done til 4 and had friend coming for tea at 6 so had a mad hoover round! I'm not very tidy! Hope you're ok?

  • That's great Aliboo, well done, sounds like you had a lovely run in spite of the wind and rain, and all those PB's! Great stuff x

  • thanks no- excuse! i felt very virtuous after! but as i went along i was thinking i must be a bit mad to there !!? :) legs a bit achy tho!

  • Fantastic post! You did really well! I didn't brace the wind and rain this morning, I chickened out. I did do two runs over the weekend so technically a rest day so did weights instead. Still, great time and good that you did the Stepping Stones. Happy Running!! :-)

  • that stepping stones seems to work somehow! and the thought to get it over with :) think the new route was a positive move! Gald i went out when i did, got soaked twice as much at 5pm walking the dog! squelch!

  • Fantastic time!!! Well done you and glad to hear how you enjoyed it. It is good motivation to us who need picking up and reminding how special running really is. A lovely post :)

  • Thankyou! :) I'm glad i went out today! proved to me that i'm gradually improving and its good for your mood to get out amongst all the elements! Tho did feel like i must be a bit mad at the time!

  • At least the rain helps cool you down. I was dripping wet but at least we toughening up. LOL

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