Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 2 - and another first!

Well it's the final week and I'm already quite excited about the next stage - preparing for a 19k in October. Meanwhile today was a different kind of 'first' for me.

Preparing to celebrate, I ordered some running kit from SportsDirect and included a pair of shorts! So today was my first run in over 20 years in shorts. May not mean much to anyone else but it's a significant step for me!

All the best


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Ha - that's a 10k to you and me!


Phew, thank goodness - was beginning to wonder who was promoting a 19k run! But, hey, dare to be different, eh? :D

Love the shorts - sooooo stylish - get those fabby running legs on show - just want sunshine now ! :(

Cheers, Linda ;)



I've been looking for Tracksters in my size for months and had a few disappointments where supposedly xxxl turns out to be a large in anyone else's vocabulary (I'm convinced there's a growing market for larger size fitness kit). Then I noticed that Sports Direct sold rugby shorts in even bigger size than I needed! They fit perfectly, were very comfortable , and I overheated far less.




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