Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 2 in drizzle yuck

Well that was tough, nasty drizzle all the way round and I had to run on the footpaths of my village because my usual park us flooded. I wore a jacket and got too hot so I won't be doing that again, I'll just get wet. I think towards the end of the runs the rain actually gets refreshing!

I think I found this run harder than the last one because I wasn't in my usual park and I had to cross roads. Would be nice if drivers let you cross the road when they can see you dying in your 90 seconds light jog lol, but alas no, had to do the silly jog on the spot thing a few times. I'm pleased to report that my shins are getting a little better though maybe because I smother them in Freeze gel before I set off :)

Onwards to w2r3.......

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good for you for keep going despite the weather. it takes so much more motivation to get out there this last week or so. roll on summer evenings!


well done for getting out there in the drizzle. I too ditch the jacket about 3mins into my run but find that I really need it for the cool down walk if its a bit chilly.

havent heard of freeze gel? is it like the opposite of deep heat?

we should wear "give way" badges. Im also new to the outside running lark & feel kinda silly running on the spot waiting to cross the road :)


Deep Freeze gel is the opposite of Deep Heat I think, seems to be good stuff, very cool after a run too :)


Hehe sounds a bit like my run this morning. I run for the first time in the rain and wore my new running jacket, but within minutes I was boiling and it was tied around my waist lol.

Glad to hear your shins are feeling better too.

Good luck for your next run x


Well done, I did my w2r2 today and found that I was on muddy grass cos the paths were all puddles, I was a little worried I might slip so took to the roads. It was ok, I wonder if I am going too slow but at least I kept going and I'm not the sort to push myself lol. I find my legs get tired though. On to run 3 on Thursday.


Crossing busy roads is a pain - you'd think drivers would be a bit considerate especially when you're half-drowning in the rain and they're in a nice warm dry box !


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