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where to start again after a 2 week break in middle of programme?

Hi everyone

I have been following the couch to 5k programme and had made it to the end of week 6 when I went on holiday for two weeks (during which I did no exercise other than lifting my drink to my mouth and rubbing in suncream). I am home now and want to get back into the programme but am not sure where to start....

Do I continue where I left off and go on to week 7 or

Do I redo week 6 or

Do I go back to week 5 or

Do I start the whole programme again from week 1?

I should point out that I am overweight and not the fittest 33 year old on the planet ;)

Any advice much appreciated, thanks :)

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I had an 11 day break and decided to plough on. I thought if I didn't manage I could always then go back and repeat stuff. I had done week six run 1 then the break and managed runs 2 and 3 ok. I think my fitness went down a wee bit but I would just say go for it and see how you go! I def would not go back to beginning of programme if you don't manage week 7 just repeat week 6. Good luck!


I'd do the next run you are supposed to do and see how it goes. As you've got to the end of week 6 I reckon you will be fine :)


Try W7R1 - you might be pleasantly surprised - although if you are a little anxious, why not double warm up first, normal walk, then fast walk - then start the run?


Thanks everyone - you have given me the confidence to carry on where I left off and to try the next run! Fingers crossed I manage!

Thanks again :)


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