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How to start again after a few weeks off?


My last run was on 22nd November when i did week 7 run 3, unfortunately I've not been able to get out since then because of a particularly stressful house move, not knowing the new area so I don't want to go out in the dark and get lost and then Christmas stuff at school and nursery i just haven't been able to fit it in.

How do i start again? Do i go back to week 6 and see how it goes or go back even further which would be quite disheartening but maybe not as much as not being able to complete a week 6 run.

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Hi there...I remember those busy days so well. But.. all is not lost:)

Head out.. slow and steady.. an Irishprincess jogette. Choose a route you like... head out, steady and slow and listen to your body.

It will soon let you know if all is well... The runs in Week 7 are made for slow relaxed running, and lead on to Week 8, anyway.. so just enjoy.. and if by any chance you are struggling.. just slow down more.

I have had bronchitis and I had not run from 11th November... my first proper run was 10th December... I went slower than slow and it was fine:)

Let us know how you fare please...:)


I agree with Floss, just go out slow and steady. Stay positive and enjoy. You could consider going back to the start of week 6 if you wish, then you would have a couple of interval style runs for your restart.

You can do this! 👍🏼


If in doubt, do a sneaky 1:1 again. That’ll remind you of just how much more you can do now !


Welcome back... slow and steady and see what you’ve got, you will probably surprise yourself.

Wear your running shoes and go out for a walk to explore your new area. Then, break into a jogette and revel in the feeling, it's like meeting an old friend 🤗🤗😘

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Love that meeting an old friend..just perfect.xx

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