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Doing C25K with a buggy?

This relates to an earlier question posted. I have a toddler and my husband works odd hours and over some weekends so I won't always be able to leave a day in between sessions due to having to babysit.

However, I could do this if I ran with a buggy. I've only done my first run yesterday evening so I am very new to this. As I'm new to it do you think it would be OK to push the buggy along while I listen to the podcast?

I think my little boy would like it but he may also get bored if I'm out too long.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I don't have personal experience but a friend had to do the same. He was only a baby at the time so was pretty light and she has one of these off road ones with proper tyres. She managed it fine up till week 6ish. I think she stopped for other reasons as well not just having the pushchair. If it's the odd run I think you're going to notice a big difference between your runs. Could you work around your husband or does it leave too long a gap?


I have a baby and a little one. I run first thing in the morning at 6.15, before my husband goes to work. That way he looks after them and I'm only out for 35 - 45 mins. I find it's great "me time" and also I get to feel good all day knowing I've done my run. Could that be a possibility? Running with a buggy seems like hard work but I've seen people do it, in fact that was a group called " pushy moms" in L.A. where I used to live! :)


Thanks Crismatlotta. That is what I would prefer (I am a morning person) but we have recently moved further out from London which means we need to leave the house at 6.45am, meaning we are up for 5.45am to get ourselves going.

I tried getting up for 5am to do some indoor exercises but by the 2nd week I was exhausted so ditched this idea as unworkable and something I would just not stick to - just too early and come winter even worse an idea for me.

I think I'm OK doing two sessions during the week in the evening but it's the weekend where I would need to use the buggy when my husband is working - he has mad hours in the catering business.

I do like the idea of "me time" when the world is quiet


Wow! 5am is too, too early! Good luck with the plan, it's a brilliant one, and yes, I love my "me time" when the city is just waking up...


Thanks, I think it might leave too long a gap between sessions that's why I thought perhaps I could do it with the buggy on some weekends to keep to the "day in-between" that is recommended.

I was also thinking of Back to back sessions but that may not be a great idea either as again it would be too long between and I might strain something and/or overdo it early on and end up quitting because of it.

I think I might try the buggy and see how it goes. I've seen other mothers do it but they have vastly different shapes to me i.e thin so they make it look easy! At least it looks easy when they jog past.


wow, you are very brave. no more buggies for me. youngest is 11 now. my only worry would be getting backache from leaning forward pushing the buggy. but then, buggies have changed so much in style that this might not be a problem for you.

I admire your determination. good luck in your C25K journey. shelley x


I saw a Dad with a buggy AND a dog the other morning. He was dressed in the full running gear, his dog was running along with his tongue hanging out, looking happy as a pig in the proverbial and the toddler in the buggy was loving it.

Made me laugh!!


I can imagine ur little one now loving the running intervals and wanting you to carry on whizzing around! May give u a little incentive to keep going and give a little more to your runs! If I found somewhere suitable with correct terrain I would give it a try!

I struggled with this also an so it took me a little longer to complete program, now I time it so I'm ready dressed in my running gear to head out as soon as my hubby gets in (inbetween call outs)then I'm only out half an hour or so! Also I try other things like using the skipping rope or exercise DVDs or good old you tube! the aim is to build up your cardio stamina - I don't think it has to be all from running and it will help you in all different ways!

Hope this helps :-)


Thanks for your responses. I would rather try the program with the buggy than have an excuse not to do anything at all. I will give it a go this weekend. Although I tried a brisk walk with the buggy to the dentist this morning and it was tricky to go much faster.

Anyhow this is just the start for me from not doing any exercise at all to trying this out. I will be more than pleased with just getting my blood pumping, for a respectable amount of time and regularly. Distance and serious running will come later. I just want to get into the habit and way of " the runner"

That's a great idea Mrsbelt1 - I will leave out my running gear in the mornings ready to put on as soon as I walk through the door in the evening, before I get dinner on the go etc. Then, as you say, I will be ready as soon my husband arrives.

This is a great forum - many thanks again for your thoughtful responses.


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