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1st and 2nd day of my first week complete

Hello everyone, I have just started on the C25K journey and have really enjoyed myself so far. I have to run with a buggy because I have twin girls so I don't feel like I'm getting my upper body workout, but I suppose it'll all balance out in the end. Does anyone else run with a buggy, and how do you compensate for your arms ?

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Wow! That sounds like hard work! Perhaps you can do some light weight training, use a cross trainer or Pilates on your rest days. I'm not sure that running ever gives you much of an upper body workout anyway.


Run with a buggy😮. Good for you, struggling to get myself through the run, let alone pushing two little bundles of fun! 


I'm pretty sure pushing a buggy as you're running counts as a upper body workout!! Probably more so than just running normally!

But you come home and do press-ups?


Running, with or without a buggy, does not involve your upper body so you are not "losing" anything.

If you want to work on your upper body as well, you have to find some other type of workout to couple with the running. Body weight exercises, such as push ups and pull ups, are pretty effective.


Wow I am so impressed. I struggle t run with just me and you have a double buggy! Well done!!!!


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