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My very first 10k

At work today I suddenly realised that there is only 10 weeks until my summer holiday and I still have a stone to lose, so I made a vow to up my game and increase my running from my regular 5k 3 or 4 times a week and cut out the crap I eat!

I went out this evening after work and decided to just up my distance a little and try that new route I keep planning on, I went a little further that expected and when I got back and checked my route tracker I'd completed 6.5 miles in 1hr8 mins that's including a warm up of about 300 yards but not my cool down! I'm absolutely chuffed to bits I didn't think I had it in me, I even enjoyed it no bad gremlins or pain or breathlessness!

However I feel absolutely sick as a dog now and really am fighting off the urge to puke (apologies) but would like to know if anyone else has had this post a long unexpected run? I have run 4 and 5 miles on a few occasions but never felt like this in the hours after.

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Well done on your run and sorry to hear that you are not feeling good. I did feel a bit sick after my first 10k race but it was immediately after I finished passed quickly.

Feel better soon and keep at it!

Reply really takes it out of you. Be careful and increase gradually. I can recommend 'myfitnesspal' app. I realised early on that running alone wasn't going to drop the pounds, so I got this app. You put the stats in, and it tells you your calories for the day. THEN when you do your exercise you get CALORIES...and it works. I have lost a stone, and if I exercise I get to eat loads :)

good luck you can do it :) :)


Well done, MrsB, I am still stuck at that between 5 and 10k stage and am full of admiration for your achievement.

I absolutely agree with Juicyju's recommendation of MFP. I started running last July, and only lost about 6lbs by September, when I graduated. Then I started using MFP and have now lost over 3 1/2 stone! It's great cos, as Juicyju says,if you've had something calorific or you're going to have a big meal you can add in extra exercise and increase your allowance for the day. (I had to spend an hour on the exercise bike the other night after a particularly wicked Indian meal - but ended up within my calorie allowance).

Good luck with it all, and well done again on the 10k!


Thank you ladies, it's been on the cards for a few weeks but tonight I just did it was a lovely afternoon/evening too - the sun was shining but I found shade to help keep me cool and roads weren't too busy either.

juicyju i have just downloaded this app, i have heard it recommended a few times, I have a healthy diet think its the alcohol that lets me down (and my portion sizes are on the large side) well done with your weight loss :-)


Top top: I drink as much as I did before ( my weakness too) but only due to the extra calories due to the exercise ;)


Same here re the alcohol! One thing I did find really helpful - a set of diet scales to weight out portions of rice, pasta, etc which I thought were so healthy BUT I now realise I was having in huge portions. I still battle with having a bit of rice rather than a bowlful but I think that has helped me control the calories.


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