Omg! We did it! Graduated! (Slowly!)

I can't believe it, we did it. Ok, I got a stitch after twenty mins and so was actually a bit slower than run two but I finished!! I'm so proud of us! Now to try to get faster or further! I'm looking forawrd to experimenting with music and podcasts. It's funny though. Running on Saturdays after a leisurely breakfast and lie in are easier than ones after work. (And I can't get up early in order to run mornings before work!!)

So, bit disappointed in speed and stitch but, overall, WOO-HOO!


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  • A massive well done to you both - however you got there and whatever speed. I have found I am now running better without the 'pressure' of graduating. i still feel hugely motivated to go out running - I will be out tomorrow morning in the rain. I too am now concentrating on speed - but mainly I am just enjoying the feeling of knowing I can run for 30 mins.

    whoop whoop- Congratulations. :-)

  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations!

    But can I ask how far you and suzybenj run - I just want to get a feel for how fast people run when they're doing their own 30 minute runs?

  • According to mapmyrun 3.87k today, 3.98 Saturday. So a while to go to get to 5k!

  • Oh,

    Well I do 4.3k at the moment - just cause I measured that out - and it takes me around 33 minutes, which is about the same speed as you I think!

    - I'm sure you'll get there - I think I will too!

  • I am about 4k in 30 mins

  • - Looks like we're similar too! I think I have a 'governor' on my legs - some inhibition which stops me moving any faster - that's my excuse anyway! :)

  • Many congratulations. Forget about how slow ot may or may not have been. Think about how far you have come in 9 weeks. Can't wait to see the new green badge :-D

  • Great news, well done. Such a good feeling to complete the programme. Happy running! Claire. X

  • Congratulations! Can't wait to get there too :-)

  • Very many congratulations - a fantastic achievement!

  • Brilliant Plinth - we'll done!

    I did my graduation run this morning and also found the last run I did was better than this one. Funny, huh.

    I do just over 4km in 30 mins. Some runs more, some less. I did run 5k a couple of days ago and it took just over 36 mins, but couldn't manage that today.

  • Magnificent you!! I'm just off out on my 2nd wk 9 run so hope to graduate too by the end of the week. cheers:-)

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