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W8R2 & Graduation by numbers!

Well after getting back on track after W7, I am even more determined now to crack this running thing.... it's so close am even beginning to believe that this might just be doable!!

Since I managed to cover my first ever 5k distance with W8R1 (including the warm up) - I thought I had better see if that was a fluke or could I do another 5k with W8R2.

As if that it isn't challenging enough, I found myself running on Saturday late morning ... in direct sunlight, full heat, no shade yet so it was set to be an all out sweat-a-thon. But could I keep going?

Of course I could - all the usual aches and pains were easing off nicely and I found my rhythm during the first 1k and I have never paid much attention to the split times until now, but they show I'm keeping it fairly consistent too..

1k 8:06 (incl warm up walk)

2k 6:48

3k 6:55

4k 6:54

5k 6:30 (yes - fat lads can run!)

so there - that was my second 5k .. and with a total session time of 36:04 means that I was running for 30 mins...

..... so technically is that a graduation?...... I think I will wait until W9R3 on Sunday before I open the sparkly stuff, but it's certainly starting to feel good.

Happy Running everyone

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A 6:30 !! go you !!!

Well done, you've done so well, just think there will be a wee green badge going to be heading our way soon :-)

Enjoy that good feeling, you deserve it.


I know and that was the last 1k ..... although I've only just found these split times so I have been looking back and apparently I once did a 5:37 way back in W6R1 ...

I must have still been floating after the W5R3 a couple of days before!!


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