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I made it! woooop, wooop wooop! :)

I completed the Park Run this morning for the first time (I registered over a year ago). It was quite tough because I got carried away with the occasion and being in amongst other runners. I set off too fast, which I am prone to doing. But once I found my rhythm I was ok, I even overtook people, imagine that :) . I still got lapped by the speedy runners mind!

And the icing on the cake........

I finished in under 30 minutes! I've not had my official time yet but I reckon it was around 29:30 ish, a good lump of a minute faster than Thursday.

I feel really chuffed this morning, I have run 5k three times in one week after only 9 weeks training. It wasn't that long ago I was in a real mess health wise. Absolutely amazing.

I am going to wear my new 'Graduation' shirt with pride today! :)

Thanks everyone for your support, encouragement and generally being nice people.



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Kev YOU DID IT`!! Sub 30 too. Amaze balls. We are at exactly the same stage on this C25K and it really is a fantastic program isn't it?


jellyhawkGraduate in reply to danzargo

Hey Dan,

It feels damn good to be joining you in the 'Graduate' lounge :) .

I am well chuffed with the sub 30 time. I would have been well happy with sub 35 to be honest.

I couldn't agree more with you about the programme, it's awesome.

I was very impressed with the Park Run as well, brilliant idea and very well organised.

I just applied for my badge, I felt like a big kid so I wrote the email like one :)



Well done, fantastic time too! I hope one day to break that magic 30 minute mark, but I'm a way off yet; you are doing brilliantly! :-)

I went to Parkrun today too, the route was altered due to an event in the normal start area, so that was a bit distracting, and they started late to let everyone get to the new start, could have had another half hour in bed! :-)


Congratulations! I graduated 3 weeks ago and ran my first Park Run this morning, it's much better than running on your own.


Great time. I too did my first park run today and enjoyed being with others. Awaiting my time but hoping about 31:10. I wore my graduation shirt with pride.


Got my official time of 29:36. Very pleased. :)

CanidoitGraduate in reply to jellyhawk

:) well done.

Congratulations Kev, that's amazing! Very well done.


Well done Kev, knew you could do it. Really quick to, you should be proud of yourself!


Congratulations Kev, great result. All boxes ticked, 9 Weeks, 5K, less than 30 mins. You are rightly proud.



Congratulations - lovely to graduate at a parkrun too. What a fantastic time. :O


Congratulations on graduation and on a great time too. I graduated on thursday and just need to build my confidence to run outside and then find a park run.

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