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Are these pains normal?


I completed week 3 run 2 and whilst doing the run I experienced shin splints.

Today (the day after the run) my legs don't feel really bad, but do feel different, maybe a slight ache like a growing pain.

I don't want to stop the running and I'm sure that the issue isn't my shoes as I went to a running shop, got expert advice and spent £105 on new trainers.

Is it cool to continue to run? are my legs just getting used to this new exercise?


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Are you stretching after your runs? It could be shin splints or it could be just getting used to the exercise. Difficult to tell. Can you take an extra rest day?

wicket2961 in reply to helcl

Hi Helcl, I do not stretch after running. In general, my legs feel crappy today as a whole... even my thighs are aching. Hopefully it's just my body developing for the better and structuring it self to be more suitable.

Also, I just called the running shop where I purchased the trainers and I'm going back for gait analysis tomorrow. I want to see if they recommend the same trainers that I was originally supplied.


You are bound to ache if you are new to exercise. Don't worry, just take your rest day and get back out there

The run walks are very short so should not put undue strain on you. Take it steady, a slow jog is all that's required

Enjoy yourself and keep us posted


Aches and pains are sort of normal. Stretching helps, and rest is essential.

I used to suffer with shin splints, then they got better. Then I got them back again last week. I have realised quickly though that my running style has got a bit sloppy, and when I up the pace in the last Km, I am landing heel first. Not sure if that is the cause, but it is very coincidental.

I think the running stride should be to come down on the front half of your foot and push off. (check that with some research, I will be doing just that now I have spotted my bad habit).


I find shin splints are directly related to my stride length. longer strides = more shin splints. I now run with a shorter stride, and get no more shin splints.

To run faster, I increase my cadence and not my stride length.

Thank you to everyone for the responses, I really appreciate the help you're offering. I will take all of the advice on board and get out on the road :-)


I do stretches afterwards. The stretches you need to do are shown on a video clip by good old Laura, Godess of the podcasts. They are on the menu on the right in blue text >>>>>>

Your body will always protest at new levels of exertion but it's a sigh things are happening. That's why the rest day is very important. Always do the warm-up and cool-down walks too

Have fun!

If I'm feeling twingey/achey during a run I do some yoga afterwards (lots of held poses and breathing into them so it really stretches my muscles) and that does seem to be magic for me in terms of sorting aches and pains. Would recommend cat pose into downward facing dog with your heels stretching towards the floor as much as you can.

the_tea_fairyGraduate in reply to the_tea_fairy

Though as a disclaimer, I am just an enthusiast, not any sort of yoga specialist. Just what works for me.

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