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Wk5 run3 I did it!!!!!!

I managed it. My first "Race for Life" and wk5 run3 done successfully. I completed it in a respectable time (for me) 40 minutes (don't laugh graduates). It was good fun in the park with everyone. But one moving bit was when the guy with the mike asked a little girl "who are you doing the run for"? and she said ME. She has been undergoing Chemo for two years for a brain tumour and she was doing the race. I think everyone had a lump in their throat and a little tear. For everyone who is just about to do wk5 run3 you CAN do it believe in the programme. Good luck.

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fantastic news. this is the run that proves to you that you can do it & it is possible. so glad you had a great run. well done :)


That's brilliant - well done! Run 3 for me tomorrow or Tues so here's hoping I can emulate your success.


Just trust in the programme and yourself. You CAN do it. Good luck.


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