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Wk5 run3

SOooooooooo pleased I did it but the gremlins could easily have got me at the very beginning of the warm up. I stepped out the house (donned with running socks I may add) and started my podcast then tried to start my endomondo and it would not come up. So that went in my pocket. Then tried to pull up the zip in my jacket and it got stuck. So walking on the spot to stay under the street light I got in untangled. Then I could not keep one of my earpieces in. Eventually I got into the warm up and said to myself "right old girl what else could go wrong. You can do this" it started to piddle down with rain.

I started jogging and soon got into a nice relaxed stride and could not believe it when Laura said I had done 10 minutes. I must be honest and say I wouldn't say it was easy but I felt good and think I could have run a little longer, but I kept with the podcast and just did my cool down walk. I can't remember who it was this week who wrote the shower after a run is THEE most delicious.

I still can't believe I did it. Now for wk6.

So thanks all you loyal bloggers out there who give us newbies the encouragement and tips to help us do this.

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Well done for keeping going through all of that and for completing week 5! You'll be well ready for week 6. Good luck!


What a palaver ! But great that you kept going to do the whole 20 mins. That's a good block of running you can do now, well done !


My runs are always a bit like that, fiddling with this, fiddling with that, blow my nose, gloves on, gloves off, back on again...Well done for not letting it out you off, and for sticking with the programme xxx

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EXCELLENT!! Well done you!!!😀. Thank you so much for this inspiration too. I've just completed Wk4 R3 today, so this time next week I will be facing this nemesis too - it's already worrying me....😳


Hi Well Done. I know what you mean about the earpiece. I spent my last run with one earpiece in and the other jumping around. It is great to hear so many people completing week 5 run 3. I have mine tonight.


Well done! If you can do it so easily despite all that irritation you can do anything that Laura throws at you in the next few weeks!


Well done Maturelady! What an achievement! Seems there are gremlins all round at the moment. Still, going ahead anyway is a great and committed approach. It's certainly paying off. Congratulations!


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