W8R1 5k done in 55 minutes!!!!!

W8R1 5k done in 55 minutes!!!!!

I wasn't going to go out today. Not been very well since Thursday. At first I just thought it was hayfever but tablets weren't helping and the lethargy I was suffering turned into feeling dizzy, weak, tired and general just urgh. I had a great run last Monday where I managed 45 minutes but Thursdays run was awful. I managed the 25 minutes I needed to achieve in Week 7 but it was hard going and I felt really defeated (thank you to those who cheered me up:)). Since then I've been sleeping for England and not feeling my best. Got up this morning feeling all sorts of bleurgh and nearly went back to bed but went out hoping for the best. The first 10 minutes were awful again. I went back to running round the cricket pitch thinking if I managed ok I would be able to show myself how far I had come from the times not long ago when 60 seconds and 90 seconds were torture. 10 minutes in and I thought I had made a mistake because I wanted to give up and so I would only have been able to show myself how far I hadn't come. Round and round the cricket pitch I went passing the park benches and a couple of times, I admit I nearly stopped and sat down but I knew how bad I would feel so I ignored the gremlin and carried on. I thought if I could make it to the 28 minutes I needed I would be happy with that and just took each 5 minutes as it came. I got my own cheering committee too! There was a lady picking up litter from the cricket pitch and she saw me pass her a couple of times and then took to shouting 'You go girl' from the side of the pitch. When I passed again with a big grin she shouted 'You must be determined, just keep going'. She asked how long I was running for so I said 'I want to get to 5k or stop when I fall over - whichever comes first' So I did! Once I got to 45 minutes which is my longest so far I knew I just had to keep going and knew 5k was in my sights. I'm a determined so and so! Cant believe I did it and got a cheer from the cricket lady:) She must have known I was a newbie to running (either cause i'm still big, or running like Phoebe from friends:)) as she asked how long I had been doing this. Still she seemed impressed with 7 weeks:) To anyone out there reading this who has just started, the key things I have learned today are:

1. Store in your memory every little achievement and think of it when the going gets tough. Don't just think you did it and move on because if you only let the good thought last a minute trust me it will be outweighed by the negative thoughts that linger a lot lot longer. Bring to mind the achievements and savour them (every time you manage a podcast, each time you manage a run, each time you manage a personal best etc). It seems indulgent and arrogant maybe but you will need the good memories when it gets tough.

2. Gremlins WILL sit on your shoulder and tell you, you cant do it. Honestly you can, what do they know. Ignore the gremlin, and carry on. You can do it.

3. The joy of finishing and reaching a goal is definitely worth the pain you feel at the time. Push through it:)

Well I'm treating myself to some fruit loaf now for breakfast and going to put my feet up. Happy running everyone. Happy (sunny) Sunday. xx


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6 Replies

  • Well done, you are determined, that's a great run. Lovely blog too, you give some great advice, that's pretty relevant for life in general not just running. I am attempting to stop smoking today, and your the first person to make me smile. :-)

    What a lovely lady, its great when you meet someone like that, it can really change your whole day. like reading your blog just did for me :-)

    Hope you feeling better, there seems to be lots of that dizziness/quezy-ness going about my brother and sister are both feeling like you described.

    Take care and enjoy your deserved happy Sunday x

  • Thank you:) Have a lovely day too. Good luck with giving up smoking. You can do it. Determination is key:) x

  • Well done you. I think if I attempted to run 5k it would be in the 50 minutes mark. I have managed 3k in 30 minutes and 4k in 40 minutes but haven't dared push myself to run 5k to yet. I work on my pace during 2 x 30 minute runs in the week before work and my distance at weekends when I have more time. Only in my first week post-war so not sure if it will work yet. Would love to enter my local parkrun but the slowest runner is about 32 minutes - need to get my pace up before I brave that one.

    Keep up the good work that shiny green badge will soon be yours.

  • Thank you. I dont want to do a Park Run until I get get my time better than it is. I understand where you are coming from! :)

  • Grrr *post-grad*

  • What an inspiring blog! You write really well and I liked what you said about remembering each and every achievement when you're struggling. It's true about those negative thoughts, they do seem to crowd out the positive ones if you let them! Hope you feel better soon :-)

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