W5r3.... Done with a smile

I am so darned proud of myself, I can't believe I could manage 20 minutes continuous running, on my own, with no friend or daughter to shivvy me along when the demons crept in to tell me my calves were tired, or I was getting breathless. I ran for 5 minutes up a lane and back again, twice, so I knew exactly how far I had gone and couldn't give myself false hope that I was further on than I was.

I shooed the gremlin thoughts away, counted the sheep, chatted to the horses as I passed them by the 4 times, admired the beauty of the big daisies I never really noticed before... Anything to keep distracted until Laura told me the second 5 minutes was up, then at that point I knew I could finish it. Who would think 5 weeks could make such a difference? 😬😬😬


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20 Replies

  • Well done! It's such a great feeling! Woop Woop!

  • Brilliant - well done! Watch out for w6r1 as it trips/ed some of us up - after running 20 minutes you get on a high, then w6r1 comes along and you can underestimate the effort required - "huh, this is less than w5r3, I am so going to ROCK this run" and then it all goes horribly wrong :-).

    Wow, this post is turning into quite the doom and gloom! Sorry - that isn't intentional.

    You did great, well done - and you WILL rock w6r1 (just remember to go slow :-))

  • No you're fine yatesco, it's not doom and gloom, I love both the advice and the positivity you great people give to set me up correctly for the next stage, thankyou, I really appreciate the tip.

  • Fantastic , Go you ! :-)

    Well done , that's a toughie, a real hurdle , you nailed it :-)

    Onwards, always ! xxx

  • Fabulous! Well done you. Onwards and upwards from here on in x

  • Well done !!! I'd been wondering how you got on. And having enough energy to notice the flora and fauna !!! Amazing job xx

  • Thanks Biscuit0107. I know, it was a little surreal, there were a few internal battles but it is do-able! Let me know how you go 😄 xx

  • Well done I'm a week behind you hope I can create similar post next week except it won't be in the company of sheep and horses, but probably to the sound of the IOW festival!

    Congratulations 😄

  • Who needs Laura when you have IOW festival in the bsckground... I'm sure the music will be better!! Good luck, I did not believe at all that I would be able to do it at the end of w4! Thankyou 😄

  • Whoop whoop way to go!!!

    You smashed it!

    Congrats; fingers crossed I can post similar tomorrow x

  • Ah thanks 😄 You'll be great, slinky, just ignore those beastly voices, look forward to seeing your post tomorrow!! X

  • Well done. 20 mins is the first great land mark, I believe. Onwards and upwards in your running journey!

  • Thankyou, as always, lovely people for your little nuggets of wisdom and support, I don't think I could have done it without you all!

  • 20 mins is the turning point - no stopping you now!

  • That's fantastic Feelingsilly you sound like you really enjoyed it and you did brill. Chatting to horses has got to be better than cursing Laura. Enjoy the feeling 😊😊

  • It was a real buzz to know I was achieving it Bamb0014 after convincing myself in week 4 that I would never be ready to do this is in a week. My calves are a little a hey this morning but I'm still smiling 😀 Best of luck to you too x

  • W5R3 is the one that gets you punching the air in celebration isn't it 😀

    It's the moment we realise we can actually run.

    Well done, enjoy the feeling.

  • Go you! Well done, keep going!!

  • Well done feelingsilly...that 20 min run is the turning point.😊 and you did it...

    I found that starting extra slow for the first five minutes helps you feel less breathless at the 8 to 10 minute mark, then you find you can breath normally and your legs know what to do...

    Good luck with week 6. Its a good one too, as its building stamina. Slow and steady..onwards and upwards. x😊

  • Very well done Feelingsilly, I've finished W5R2 yesterday it was 8 minutes run non stop which was a struggle now I'm scared to think I've got to run 20 minutes non stop that's a really big jump in minutes. :o

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