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some runs are just rubbish

Quick run this evening I thought as the sun is out, but its cooler now at 1830.

Well off I went but I just knew it did not feel right, struggled a lot to even get 6k in and walked some of it too.

Some aches slowed me down, yet 2 days ago it was 10k and not a problem.

Oh well next week and the hope that was a one off

total rubbish run!

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Burstcouch there is nothing rubbish about a 6K run, in fact think back to early days and 6 minutes was a huge achievement. So pat on the back, positive pants on when you get back out there for a good run, no not just good, the best run ever :)


Ooh Oldgirl thanks for the moral booster.


How our perceptions change!! Who'd ever have thought 6k wouldn't be far enough. Hope you enjoy the next run more.


There is no rhyme or reason to it is there? After graduating in November, I have been building my distance up and have stupidly signed up for the Cheltenham half marathon in September. As part of my "training" for said hm, I have been doing 2 shorter, quicker runs per week and 1 long slow run. Last Sunday I ran my furthest distance ever, 8 miles, and although it wasn't easy, it wasn't a struggle. However the previous Tuesday I had run 20 mins and my breathing was rubbish, my legs were rubbish and the whole thing was rubbish!! You just have to concentrate on the positives and remember Week 1 Run 1. You've done brilliantly so far, keep it up!


Ahhh glad to see its not just me that goes through all of the above!


Come on Burst! 6K Rubbish? Oxymoron methinks!

You are doing brilliantly. Yesterday was just a good run. end of. Warmest Delia xox


Wow 6k is fantastic, in fact I think any type of run is an achievement and it's getting you out there and getting fit! Hope you have a fantastic next run- just remember to enjoy it and don't have too high expectations!



Some days are better than others, at least you are going for it. A HM in September, wow you really are going for it. Good luck to you :-)


alocpop thats Caj who is doing this. there is no chance of me getting that far.

However thanks to all who replied. Feeling a bit more positive now.

2 days off saturday and sunday then jogging with Murphy the 2 year old black labrador.He likes a run of about 6 to 7 km so will try my best.


Got back in the swing today, Same route as the 'rubbish' run on friday.

This time with the dog and it was so different. Really enjoyed it,

Finished the day of with a 9.98km walk - so about 16km covered today.


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