As runs go :(

Well they say a crap run is better then no run and that's just what I had this am. I started off with such enthusiasm, route all planned and hopes high. Then I couldn't get the mp3 to behave, finally got my Queen music, after 1st song Freddy quit never to be heard again, so forced to run naked which I don't care for, anyways off I go, thinking maybe I will kinda try interval running, which was ok but didn't improve my time much, and I couldnt find my enthusiasm, it's my guess it left with Freddy, so sorry to say I took the quick route and only covered 3k But.............. a crap run is better then no run, right ? lol


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  • Course it is, Freddie very naughty to abandon you in that way!

    Don't worry will all go better next time!


  • Aah GJ , as you said yourself it's better than no run at all, which is what I had this am.Wow a 3k run & outdoors , that's the holy grail to me. Maybe I should try a bit of Freddy! It's amazing how the expectations of our abilities increase as we progress through this program, just look how far we've all come from wk1r1. Thankyou for all your posts & words of encouragement. Onwards and etc. etc.

  • I run extgemely slow kat, but you are right a few weeks ago I was struggling with a minute, I need to remember that, thanks for reminding me :)

  • Yep, any run is better than none - but it is disappointing when you set out full of anticipation. I blame Freddie!

  • that boy !

  • I have had a few of those grannyjudes and most of them because of me faffing about trying to get the technology working. 3k is much better than nothing though, and there's always next time - and thanks for mentioning Freddie, I don't have any Queen on my playlist and I think I would love to run to Freddie blasting in my ears :)

  • When Freddies around he rocks, when he quits, well I guess I will forgive the boy !

  • Perhaps Freddy just wanted to break free?! ;) Of course it's better than no run. You got out there, and you did it! Don't give yourself a hard time, after all, another run bites the dust. Just think to yourself, don't stop me now... the show must go on! We are the champions, after all ;) xxx

  • Hahaha :D :D :D One a minute and every one a gem. It's the way you tell'em

  • As you say 3 km is better than don't beat yourelf up over it. I'm sure this is the type of thing that we all encounter and we must learn to put it in to perspective and be kind to ourselves. We should celebrate our good fortune that we have all progressed so far and are able to run.....there are so many people out there that are not able do so. So well done, and as they say "keep calm and carry on running"!

  • I can't run without music as I feel all wrong! So I totally understand. Like you say 3km is better than nothing, I hope Freddie gets his act together for you next run.

  • 3km run is so much better than "didn't get out the door". Think of it this way - you just added another 3kms to your weekly mileage... the bloke down the road at the fast food joint just added a few extra calories... just saying... :)

    The next one will be better... we promise... :)

  • How dare that Freddie ditch you mid run? The cheek of the man!! I can't run without background music either. Actually if I'm not feeling very motivated I need very loud music. Well done on the 3k. As you say, any run is better than no run and 3 k isn't to be sneezed at, it's a very respectable distance ( just not what you were aiming for) Better luck with naughty Freddie next time :)

  • I knew a scuba diver once who always used to carry a spare snorkel when he went diving ... it was highly hilarious to me as it seemed so pointless .... now i'm starting to wonder if we don't all need to carry around an mp3 AND an ipod in reserve plus a smart phone AND a Garmin.

    Never mind grannyjudes, bet your next time out will be a Kind of Magic :-)

  • A rubbish run is better than no run at all! They're odd things to deal with, off runs, I've found, but they really are better than staying home and not running at all. We all get runs like that occasionally. Sorry to hear of your technological woes though; they usually happen during the programme when Laura is misbehaving! Here's to a better run the next time! :-)

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