Some runs are more difficult than others

I remember the first time I was on W5R3. After 12 minutes I had to give up, reduce speed and go back at it.

Yesterday, for the first time after graduation, I felt the run a hard going one. I did manage the full 30 minutes. But it was harder than it has been before.

I had some fried spicy food for lunch and that had a big part to play in this. As a result, I am going to stay away from such food on my run days.

I felt very warm towards the end of the run - much more than every before. And I have decided to do all or at least, most of my future runs outdoors.

Strange that some runs would feel more difficult than others!


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25 Replies

  • I think eating and drinking are very often behind good or bad runs.

    If I eat heavily, even 2 hours or more before a run, then I can always feel it. Equally, I had my worst run in ages a few weeks ago after I hadn't really eaten all day and was probably dehydrated too. I ached for days after that and I've done that run dozens of times before.

    Even after you can manage a particular run very comfortably, it will often still be more stressful on your body than nearly anything else you do. I am gradually learning to appreciate the need to respect that and understand that I will suffer if I do even a familiar run when my body is stressed already.

    At least you got out and even made it through your run - so good work there. It's the difficult runs that test our resolve!

    Happy running


  • Thanks Ugi.

    I have learnt a valuable lesson.

  • I remember I had to abandon a run when doing the programme, think it was in w5.

    I'd done a long drive beforehand, which seemed to make me feel tired during the run. I keep meals light beforehand if running, with a few hours before running. Must have been the chilli Ash.....did you get any heartburn?😰

  • No heartburn Dave. But I was feeling really warm.

    I had to take my earphones off during the warm down.

    I am going to keep the lunches light from now on :-)

  • Youre right Ash, some are loads more difficult than others. Some you can pinpoint a reason to , and others there is no rhyme or reason to it

    Forgive me, I had to chuckle when you wrote " I had to take my earphones off during the warm down " Ha ha :-) Sorry xxx

    Ah well , its all a learning curve and each running day is a school day and we can always learn what works and what doesn't .

    You did it , that's the main thing :-) xxx

  • I would have taken my top off if I had a six-pack to show off....but still got a bit of a belly thing going on.

    So I am still a bit self-conscious.

    Earphones were the only things I could take off :-) xxx

  • Ha ha :-) I hope taking your earphones off cooled you down :-) xxx

  • It did help...going to be doing all my runs outdoors from now on :-) xxx

  • I am now envisioning a cartoon Ash with steam pouring out of his ears!

  • Just hope it doesn't iceup then Ash..

  • True Dave.

    I wonder if there are any kind of shoes that let you run on iced up pavements.

  • Thanks Dave.

    Definitely worth a look!

  • Yeah Ash, golf shoes or footy shoes !

  • Yup, got golf shoes. That would be funny...running in golf shoes :-)

  • Ain't that the truth? Hoping my last run of Week 9 on Saturday is one of the easier ones...:)

  • W9R3 is usually a mixed bag.

    You want the programme to finish all this time. And suddenly, it is about to finish and you don't want it to because that is the end of a structured programme.

    My advise is to put everything out of your mind, clear your head, eat just enough a few hours in advance, stay hydrated and then, go for it and enjoy it!

  • Thanks for the good advice!

    I will pack my snorkel, flippers and maybe a sledge... having seeing the weather forecast for Saturday. :)

  • I have noticed the same thing, I usually find the first 10 minutes of runs hard going, having to argue with myself to keep running. Most runs require determination but sometimes towards the end, I just feel as if I could just keep going - and so I do! I have had some amazing runs when I have had a sleepless night or a belly full of food which makes no sense. Overall though, still loving running but usually only when it is over LOL

  • Ha! I'm the same: running is great when you've finished, and then I get quite evangelical about it! Even the cat's sick of hearing about it. I do have to take myself firmly in hand in the first five minutes of each run, but now I find those voices taking a different take: ooh only five minutes left, you'll never do it, go on, ease up, who's watching? It can be really hard. Especially when the voices say ooh the legs are really heavy today, do you want to go on? Ooh the thighs are tight this time, is that good for you?

    Yep, of course it's good for me. After each run I'm recovering more quickly, and any stiffness is getting less and less, and only what you might expect this cold weather.

  • Yes, as soon as one event is over, I book the next one right away :-)

  • I imagine that since you are warming up in the first few minutes, they are harder. And then as you find your rythm, things get easier.

    Yup, love running :-)

  • Having done w8r2 today, I think I can finally agree!!

  • Yes, same here. I often blame the food, followed by lack of sleep.

  • Definitely lack of good sleep gets my blame too

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