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Not the bees knees

I've not been able to run for a week due to injury and am feeling sorry for myself. Last Thursday after getting home from work I went out to run through one of the two country estates I frequent. It was a perfect late afternoon to run: warm enough for vest and shorts, but not too hot, no midges, and loads of birds chirping away as I ran through the woods. I had decided to do a 'Just a run for fun' and set off with no expectations to go a certain distance or pace. I was loving it! One of my best runs!

After about 5km I developed a pain in my left knee (not the one previously affected by the IT band issues) that came on pretty quickly. Within the space of a few minutes, I went from running without a care in the world, to having a knee that was too painful to run and I had to walk 3.5km home. The next day it was worse and since then I've rested it (and elevated and iced it as soon as I get home from work), but it is still swollen by the end of each day.

I saw the sports physio today and she is not worried about it at all. It's a bog-standard case of bursitis ('housemaid's knee' - Huh! it would sound better to say 'runner's knee'! ;-) ) and I need to continue to rest it. No running for now and not until I see her again in two weeks time.

She says I can swim or cycle, and I hope to cycle part-way to/from work some days next week. I'll car-share to hubby's office - with my bike in the car - and this will leave me with a lovely 15 km cycle along a wee single-track road running alongside the Beauly Firth. This week, with starting at this new job, and with my knee feeling pretty achy, I've not had the energy or motivation to try.

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Something similar happened to me last year: I had completed a 10k race for the first time, then the Race for Life and had started my half marathon training. I was so excited and simply loving the running, and then, with no warning, my shin hurt and I couldn't run. Not at all. It took a few months to get better. I was told to do other things, but I was so gutted and fed up with the whole timing of it that I didn't want to even try; so I know exactly how you feel!

But rest is vital for your long term running, and it will get better. So ...stay patient and give your knee the time it needs :)


> I had completed a 10k race for the first time, then the Race for Life and

> had started my half marathon training. I was so excited and simply

> loving the running, and then, with no warning, my shin hurt and I couldn't run

Yep, I had managed to run a HM distance (building up to that distance very slowly) and was feeling so fantastic and loving the running, so was gutted when 'struck down' out of the blue.


Im off with injury aswell. it is so frustrating so I feel your pain. Ive only been to the doctors, but will head off to a sports physio end of next week if I still cant bear to run on my hip.

hope you can enjoy swimming & get out in the sunshine on your bike.

take it easy. sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. shelley x


I've done a little swimming, but it's so boring and it's indoors when I want to be outside! But I feel a bit better overall - except so very tired with this full-time work malarky!! - and will try a short cycle tomorrow after work.


Oh dear, hope this sorts itself soon swanscot. It's awful how these things can just ping up with no warning, hopefully once the swelling subsides the physio will give you some specific stretches to ease it. Meanwhile enjoy your other activities, sounds like a good cycle route you have planned.


I hope she does give me some straighten exercises, as I think my leg muscles are unevenly matched and I probably need to strengthen those which support my knee.


Oh swanscot I'm really sorry to hear about your injury, take care wishing you a very speedy recovery. I can feel your frustration from here. :(



Thanks, Oldgirl. I know you, too, have suffered with the frustration of not being able to run due to injury.


Take care Sheila. I am a knee expert. As you know I "lost" my right knee in a car accident in 1983. My tibia and femur are held together with a titanium coil -- a coil which over the years has fragmented and is lying in smithereens in different places of the flesh around my knee. Obviously the cartilage that was my knee cap has since re-formed, but it is weak. So weak that I waer out my left trainer before my right! Anyway, I am the number one expert on knee pain and swelling. Feet up, cold or warm packs on it (I say cold or warm because it does depend on your body! Soemtimes my knee needs cold, other times warmth) You'll be back on your feet soon, I'm sure. And thank goodness you are light, low weight is so helpful at times like this.

Thinking of you, love Delia xox


Wow you are amazing, you must have really gone through a lot and to succeed with your running is an amazing achievement, you really are a motivation :)


> eet up, cold or warm packs on it (I say cold or warm because it

> does depend on your body! Sometimes my knee needs cold,

> other times warmth)

Funny you mention that, as all today today when I was working, my knee felt cold, but after driving home it felt hot, so I iced it.


Odd isn't it? But I do know what you mean. I have read that heat radiates from our poorly parts, which is why we use ice, yet my knee often feels cold too. I have this odd pain in my left thigh at night (probably age-related I think ) and I find that warmth makes it better -- go work that lot out!


I really feel for you.. Since I pushed myself to a 10k I've had knee pain so not been running. I have however been to a specialist running shop to get proper shoes. They are amazing and can assess how you run so cater for your needs. If you haven't already I'd really recommend it. I so hope the pain improves and enjoy the swimming :)


Thanks juicyju. I have had proper, fitted running shoes since near the start of the C25K programmer. In fact it was one of the first things the physio checked when I went to see her with my IT Band injury.

I'm currently just home from work and am resting with the leg up and the bag of frozen peas on it again. It didn't become so swollen today, despite having to stand for several 10-minute slots throughout the day.


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