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Knees :(

I've just started week 2 and I'm enjoying it so much - it's so fun to go running and it's pushing me just the right amount.

The problem is, my knees are increasingly sore after each run! Not terrible, but enough to lessen the joy of running. I'm so sad at the thought of stopping, but I don't want to cause an injury.

Has anyone else had knee pain / twinges, and how did you deal with it? I've read that more supportive shoes might be the answer - is it time to invest in fancy running gear?

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I bought new shoes I think at around week 3 because of knee pain. It did really help. Now that I'm doing longer distances the pain is back but I have given myself an additional days rest when needed and it's no worse. I'm no expert but think I will see how it goes and then wonder about gait analysis which I've noticed some people mention on this forum. I will look at the replies others give you with interest.


Your knees hurt because you are making them work a lot harder than they are used to. They will hurt less as they get used to it. Do your leg strengthening exercises and stretches. Take more fish oil. Drink more water. All will be well.


I had the same problem so I bought some gel insoles and they have helped. Have you got some proper running shoes?


Had to reply to this. Exact same experience at the end of week 2 - it gets better, I promise, don't give up! I feel for you. Knee pain in new runners is very common, I didn't realise before. Loads of posts on here with great advice if you search knee pain, you'll get stacks of results which will hopefully reassure you that you're not alone and it will ease up. Elevate and ice after each run. I bought mueller knee straps on the advice of a lady here and am convinced they helped. (I still run with one now, but no knee pain at all) Take your runs very, very slow. Strength and flex podcasts are good. No high impact exercise at all on rest days. Good luck and hang in there :)

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Thanks, everyone!

sandman2477, I am running in old hand-me-down trainers I've had for years... so it's definitely time for me to get more sensible running shoes.

Running-scared, I'm also doing strength and flex on days off!

Anyway thanks all for the reassurance - sounds like knee pain is more common than I thought. I'm going to go with a combination of better shoes, maybe a strap, more knee strengthening exercises and (gasp) slowing down (if I have to!)... I'll keep you posted!


I'd definitely get new shoes. Keep in mind that new shoes can also cause knee pain if not thoroughly broken in.


My shins and knees hurt terribly for a week or so when I started. I bought a new pair of running shoes (nothing expensive, £30 shoes) and that helped. The pain reduced, and as I ran more and my muscles got stronger/used to the exercise the knees stopped hurting altogether. I did use pain relieving ointment every night for the first 2-3 weeks as well. Just go slow and listen to your body, take extra rest days if needed. Good luck!


Everything Rignold said is spot on :)


Hi, I have finished Week 2 and about to start week 3. My knees are causing me problems too. I think I have got a small injury on my left inner knee as it it feels as though it's bruised but it actually isn't. I bought good quality trainers in week one. So I have got a knee sports support from Boots, but so far it's still far from me being able to jog on it. I was gutted but have resigned myself to resting it as much as possible before I restart the C25k otherwise it may become a more serious injury. Good luck


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