OMG - I'm going to be running in the Olympic Stadium!!

Hi all

Reposting this as didn't seem to work first time...

Been so busy with work not had a chance to blog much and have been plodding away post graduation (managed 6K last night).

A few weeks ago someone mentioned on here about the National Lottery run so on a whim I entered the ballot.

Well tonight I got the email to say I'd been successful! I can't believe it - I'm so excited to think of running into the stadium and round the track like a proper athlete!

Thank you to whoever posted the link (I can't remember who it was)

Did anyone else get in?

Kel x


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23 Replies

  • I would say Bloody Hell - now that is something to smile about

    Enjoy your day and happy running

  • Thanks Matthew. Feels like a good way to round off my running journey

  • round off...?

    I'm sure you mean finish the first chapter of the first book about your running journey?

    chapter 2 starts with the day I ran in the Olympic stadium

  • Ha ha! Yes of course - the first chapter of my running story.

    Am hoping it might involve a marathon one day...

  • Me too Kel! Fab isn't it??! It was Ali B that posted about it so am hoping she got in too.....


  • Oh that's great ! Seems there's a few of us. Poppy just commented that she's in too but can't see her comments on here now.

  • Hi, I posted on your other post in the C25K+ bit! I am very excited too!

  • Lucky you, I didn't get a place :-(

    Good luck and enjoy.

  • Well, I haven't heard anything so I'm guessing I didn't. Not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved to be honest!!

    Have a wonderful time those of you who do get in - what a fabulous occasion to be a part of. :-)

  • I take it all back - I've just rechecked my webmail - and I'm in!! For some reason the email hasn't reached my personal - I'm stunned!!

    Better go back and read the thing properly....... :-)

  • Have a good day, all of you. Let us know how it went.

  • So jealous! Didn't get in. Would love to go and watch but I think only people who are running get two spectator tickets? I'm so near too - when I do my 10k walk/run loop I actually pass by it!

    Hope you all enjoy it.

  • I hope you all enjoy it, will you be wearing your C25K t-shirts so you can identify each other?

  • So sorry to all those who didn't get in - would have been nice for as many of us as possible to be there.

    Rosn123 - yes it's only 2 passes which again is a shame. You must be near me as I live right near to the Stadium too.

    For those that did get in, if anyone's thinking of driving I can offer you free parking. I only live 10 minutes walk from the Stadium and my husband is the manager of a rugby club which has a big car park if anyone's interested.

    We should definitely try and have a meet up. I think we get an official t-shirt so not sure about the c25k ones.

  • London Kel, I'm definitely interested in the free parking, thank you! We'll have to drive up and will have to leave at the crack of dawn. I thought about parking perhaps in Victoria or Kensington (where we know the free places!) and getting the Tube in but it would be great to be closer to the Stadium.

  • No problems Dottie. We can meet up then! I'm not sure what entrance to the stadium it will be so if we have to get the tube, it's only 1 stop and the car park is 3 minutes walk from the station so nice and easy.

    Do you have to come far?

  • Kel, we're coming from Gloucester, so will be on the M4 coming into West London.

    I have to talk it over with hubby and see what he thinks will be best - he might prefer to park up where we usually park and not have the hassle of driving across London.

    We know we can get to Cromwell Road in 2 hours - it's just how long it could take to drive from there to Stratford/Newham especially when up to 30,000 others are heading there too!

    I'll be in touch when we've decided! Thanks again. :-)

  • Fantastic! We'll all be cheering you on! Think Mo Farrah!

  • Mo is my hero!! I may even do the Mobot as I cross the line!!

  • Wow a bit of a drive for you then. No worries on the parking - the offer's there if you need it.

    Need to up the training now. I managed 6K on Wednesday so I think getting up to the 8K by the time of the race should be achievable.

    I drove through the Olympic park area the other day and they had giant silver letters spelling out RUN so I guess that's to inspire us!!

  • Wow, well done to everyone who will be taking part in that, and wishing you all the very best of luck. When is it and will it be televised?

  • Thanks Kel - it is appreciated!

    Don't know about it being televised caz - I doubt it although it may feature on the local news I guess, but it's on 21st July. That sounds a long way off when you say it....but actually isn't!! Oooooeerrrrr......

  • I will pop it on my calendar and keep an eye out on the news that day. :-) Very best of luck to all that will be there participating. :-)

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