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W2R2 - Beh

Today was one of those 'oh bother, it's a running day' sort of sessions for me. I am not great at running in the heat and at the same time, seem to be simply incapable of getting out until after 10am! I must try to go earlier next time it's so warm!

Anyway, I got off to a good start this morning by spotting that my only running kit was in the dirty laundry basket! This however lead to a pleasant discovery that I could now get into my ancient Berlei Shock Absorber bra with only a 38" back, and the less delightful realisation that in the temporary absence of running trousers, I looked like a right spectacle wearing brown cotton shorts with my running belt, socks and shoes!

From run 1 I found it all a bit of a struggle again today, so I slowed down some more and managed to get to the end. My right knee started hurting midway through my 6th run, but I couldn't bear to stop and void the run at that point. I am worried that I may regret this if my ligament goes again!

Today my only comments came from a large white dog, which ran up to me and barked pointedly, almost causing me to fall over. I imagine that he was objecting to the sight of me in my shorts!

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Well done on getting out there! I laughed about the laundry story.

There are many "you're a true runner now" stages to go through during C25K but one of them is definitely that "a real runner gets the kit out of the laundry basket and puts it on" - after all, it's only going to get dirty again if it's newly washed. Gross but something to come to terms with especially if you don't do the washing every other day :-)

Doubtless some clean person will be along to disagree with me soon....


Thanks! My husband said exactly the same as you actually. Only thing is that with a toddler I am never entirely sure what delightful things are on the clothes in the basket! Maybe I will become a real runner and wear my kit again in a need to go running emergency later on the programme!


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