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Week 2 6am tomorrow

Okay, this is where I am at. I already feel that I don't want to get up tomorrow at 6am... It is that dangerous time when my motivation wavers...There's really no better time to do it though. I have my slimming World class straight after work, so up with the lark it is!

Ps did I ever mention that I am NOT a morning person?

I will learn to love it, I will learn to love it, I will learn to love it!

K x

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did you manage it?? I know I wouldn't be able to get up so early and run , I'm def an evening person lol

but if you did, woo well done, (and if you didn't no worries, there is always tomorrow x)


I am not a morning person, too but today morning I run at 8:15 and it was perfect. When you fell ok just try it. I made the experience that after the warm up walk the tiredness disappears and you are feeling good.

I did W5R3 today and I still do not love it!


Well, I did it. I thought I wouldn't manage 90 seconds of running, but somehow I did (except on one occasion when I stopped short). Maybe, just maybe, it's getting slightly easier?!

My early rise was facilitated by my 4 year old son waking us up at 5am. I left to go out as he feel back into a lovely, deep sleep...! :D

Keep it up everyone! We can do this, can't we?


My dear old thing - YESY YES YES we jolly well can!


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