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Week 2 run 2 tomorrow morning

I know it is still early into the programme but I really didn't think I would be excited about running (jogging). I have listened to all the advice on here and it is reassuring to know that my lack of ability / fitness isn't just unique to me! It's great to read other posts and take motivation from them. I have surprised myself with what I have achieved in a relatively short space of time and even though I know it will get harder, I am committed to doing this.

Keep going everyone, I intend to!

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Hear hear! Wk 3 Run 2 beckons for me tomorrow. I hate rest days, and with my knees I have to take at least 2 between runs, so my progress is pretty slow. I got the bug too though!


Week 2 run 2 tomorrow evening for me! Good luck! :)


Thanks - good luck to you too! Let me know how it goes :)


Well done :) I suppose it does get harder but there will come a point where you'll feel it's getting easier as your fitness / stamina improves ;)


I don't think it does get harder - the programme is so very well constructed. It doesn't get easier, because each week it pushes you a little bit further. And sometimes it gets scarier, because the old you comes back and says "who do you think you're kidding?". But if you take it one run at a time, (and I mean one run, be it 60seconds, 90 seconds or five minutes) and you judge only against your last week self.... it just sort of happens. I still can't quite believe I've done it. Graduated, that is. Laura, you're wonderful, whoever you really are - and so are all the people on this forum.


Haha! Sounds like you are already getting g the bug!

Good luck.

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Thanks everyone for the replies - 6am this morning I was out and about and completed week 2 run 2 and already looking forwards to Sunday. What is happening to me?!?

I have taken a sneaky peek at week 3 and the 3 minutes running looks daunting but reading the posts on here makes me believe I can do it.

Thanks everyone for the support - you are all great!


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