Week 2 tomorrow

So week 1 is done and week 2 is tomorrow I am feeling a little scared because I am guessing I will be running for longer, during week 1 I must have done something to my legs because im walking like John Wayne at the moment !! But with that I'm still pursuing and going to the gym, in terms of running this will be day 2 of no running now - so surely I am able to take up week 2 tomorrow? Thoughts and suggestions would be great right about now, hope eveyrones having a fab Sunday πŸ‘πŸ˜


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  • Could you be a bit more specific about what you have done to your legs? Is it your thighs that are causing distress? Walking like John Wayne suggests a bow legged stance. Is it your butt cheeks? groin?

  • Hey Reginold, that may have been a slight exaggeration lol! But when I'm walking my legs are painful like walking downstairs etc have to go a lot slower not sure what I've done tbh with you πŸ˜•

  • thats probably just normal muscle ache from starting a new exercise which the muscles are unused to. It will pass. doing some stretching and get a foam roller

  • Highly recommend a foam roller, I used it after week 2 on my legs worked a treat. Good luck on week 2, you can do it just listen to the podcast.

  • What type of foam roller do you have? We sometimes use them at our Pilates class and they're the smooth foam type, but I know you also get the more knobbly ones with the harder plastic casing, and I'm not sure which is best (if any of them are).

  • Thanks both - I'm glad it's normal πŸ‘

    Ok so I will

    Pursue week 2 tomorrow morning I will update then - wish me luck πŸ‘Œ

  • I've just done run 2 of week 2 and I must admit, I too was apprehensive but I was dead chuffed that I managed it 90 seconds of running each time - you'll do it honestly, it's not so bad! I ache too and stiffen up but I guess that natural and will improve as time goes on - what is a foam roller? πŸ€” keep going and good luck! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thank you 😊 I'm determined πŸ˜‰

  • You will do it, you will get a buzz after completing it. If you go for a foam roller we got ours from Home Bargains. Don't know if you have any round your area.

  • Yes I live right by a homebargains so I will be going there tomorrow and purchasing one is it called a foam roller? What does it look like lol πŸ˜‚

  • It looks fairly innocent - but it's a torture device in disguise!

  • It's called a foam Roller :) It's a tube with knobbly bits on it about 12 inch tall. cost about Β£5 I think,

  • Just replied to your earlier post, asking which type of foam roller you have! That'll teach me to jump in and reply before I've read the whole thread. I'll be away to Home Bargains tomorrow!

  • Thank you gonna get one after my workout this morning 😊

  • Think only do one style. :)

  • So it's 6.19am and I'm up and ready for my run - I can do this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Have a good day one and all 😊

  • My legs hurt too but mine are up the shin (shin splints) I am having some physio for a bad ankle injury playing rugby in October last year and was told I had flat feet...and this could well be the cause of the shin splints...so after some advice from my marathon running next door neighbours and a wet foot test, I've bought some motion control running shoes....to cure over pronation......I am sorry to whittle on but the difference is so amazing.

    I got Brooks GTF Adrenaline 15. They are Β£115 new, but as these are 2015's I got them for Β£55 the same sort of price for good/reasonable normal shoes from a sports shop. I am now looking for some insoles for normal shoes as the comfort and support is amazing....

    I am on week3 day 2.... I did struggle on the last 3min run!!!

    Bio: 45, 2 stone over weight. Unfit and always been useless at long distance running.....

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