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Wk 5 Run 2. Did I really do that??

Wk 5 Run 2. Did I really do that??

Hi there everyone. I havn't blogged till now, but had to today to say thank you all so much for your encouraging blogs.I will be 59 next month and am very unfit, so wasn't expecting to be able to do C25K. I struggled with WK 4 and would have given up if your inspiring messages hadn't kept coming! I can't believe that I have done WK5 run2 this morning, or that it didn't seem as hard as I expected.But it is true that the programme builds stamina slowly-I hadn't even noticed!! I even managed to run uphill (I usually plan my route so I only go downhill!) without collapsing! But I couldn't have got this far without you all -and Laura of course!! Hope run 3 will go as well as run 2! Oh-and please keep those blogs coming!!

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Well Done :)


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