Mens shorts - what's the right way to wear them?

First time running in shorts last night - the sports one with the mesh netting inside & thinking that wouldn't offer enough support I opted to go for boxer trunks underneath. which then means that the mesh lining starts rubbing in a place where fellas don't like being rubbed.

So - do you run just in the shorts, keep with trunks+shorts but cut the meshing out - get different shorts which don't have meshing?


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30 Replies

  • Wow. I'm glad I'm a woman!

    Would budgie smugglers be more comfortable and supportive than boxers??

    I'm going to have to check back now and see what the answer is. :-)

  • Ouch too .... I think I need something without a seam in that area.

  • I wear boxers - but ones with lycra, for that comfortable snug feeling. They hold the chaps in place, then I wear running shorts with mesh on top of those. Haven't had any eye watering moments with rubbing and I put this down to the quality of my boxer shorts. Us guys need the equivalant of a "crown jewels sports bra" to keep Tom, Dick and Harry in place and from bouncing around like two pigs in a pillowcase.

    Good luck!

  • Love that did make me laugh too. :)

  • Yup I trying to stop the bounce and ended up getting the rub.... Might try different boxers tomorrow... Although never had any issues running in boxers and full length tights before.

  • Hahahaha I sorry but the way you described that made me laugh. :-D I'm sure it is a problem. How about something like this or ask in a sports shop! :-)

  • Thanks Caz - although I did see them in sports direct just wasn't sure if you double up and wear them underneath shorts or just wear them! ....

    And did think about rewording... But hey it got a giggle so leave it as is

  • keep the mesh and go commando!

  • Thanks Greg .... Will try commando once they're fully repaired!

  • Have you got to the moment you need nipple tape yet?


  • Ouch ouch ouch ouch just the thought of taking it off after

  • I'm with Greg_M (well not literally; just thought I'd better be clear on that!). Go commando.

  • :-O

  • And the temptation to be entirely facetious cannot be resisted a moment longer. "On yer bum" is of course the correct answer. Sorry.

  • Thanks Ned I did wonder when I would get the `not on your head` comment.... But sounds like there is no right answer other than trial and error me thinks

  • Loved reading all these blogs! I had no idea you blokes had such difficulties. Aren't we lucky to belong to a group that can air such questions with such an open and honest sense of humour. Made my night! Good luck to all you guys and hope you get yourselves sorted soon!

  • Ah lads and lasses I have to agree with Beek on this, I had never imagined the issues. But now, when I see my work colleagues on the treadmill next to me I will have all sorts of inappropriate thoughts. Thanks peeps..... ;)

  • Blimey I'm glad I'm a woman! I'd go for something tight and soft to keep it all in underneath, or some sort of strappage???

    Sudocrem is good for soreness. For nipple rub apparently you just tape them over?? Not done that yet?!!

    Good luck and happy ( bounce and rub free) running!!


  • Soft Tight Strappage, Cream & nipple tape ..... & all in one reply

    blimey, this running is a bit more complex that I first thought.

    thanks for the advice though

  • And we thought we women had problems - I will look at the male runners that I see today in a whole new (respectful) way :)

  • hubbie runs in them and just wears brief pants .. not Y fronts .. tight pants to hold him all in!! ... I'm with Dylanski and will now view male runners in a whole new light :)

  • Haha, thanks for the laugh...! Hope you find a solution.

  • Well after many thoughts about different types of boxers vs budgie smugglers, going commando and seeing if nipple tape works else where! I've taken some drastic action and attacked the ball-bag with a pair of sharp scissors and cut it off just below the waistband.

    Sounds painful I know, but since they were only a cheapo pair from Sports Direct I didn't think they would mind too much - will find out tonight if its cured the problem.

    Thanks to all of you once again - you've given me a chuckle to brighten my W7 blues!

    Happy Running

  • You're going to have to let us know the result Matthew. The nation's male runners could be depending on you....

  • You know.... I'd get yourself a nice new pair- make the boys happy. and get out there and run free.... Just keep running ....

  • I've never been able to run free - never quite got into the whole running thing, think I'm always destined to be Mr Tortoise!

  • There is a runner in there... He just needs to find the right shorts with the right strappage... stay on track, and keep the lips vaselined.

  • Perhaps there should be pictures so we can better understand the issues..........


  • I scanned down to the end to see Matt say ball bag and cut off in the same sentence and sat my tea out.

    Best question posted ever?

  • I know I'm a little late to the party (not even sure how I ended up here, I was looking for parkrun recommendations!) but I have to say the phrase "attacked the ball-bag with a pair of sharp scissors" made me cringe. :-O Hope you're all better now!

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