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When do people find it best to move from shorts to leggings/tracksters etc?


I have been wearing shorts since starting running earlier this year, but this morning my knees hurt. This has never happened before [although I have had knee problems in the past when walking] and I was wondering if others have found this? I do have some Ronhill Tracksters that I use for walking, and I was wondering if others have any experience of when is best to change to long legs?

This may be a dumb question; but I want to keep running year-round, but I really don't want to hurt my knees.

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Not sure if this will be much help, but I changed to long leggings after I pulled a calf muscle in a hail storm. Not sure if wearing shorts was the problem, but it was to the end of a 25 min run, so my legs were warm.. and then got a severely cold dousing! I'm also still nursing the calf so want to give it every chance by keeping it warm.

Basically, I do usually get very hot, but haven't found a problem with that in long legs so they will be on for the winter now.


Thanks, I shall dig the Tracksters out of retirement and see how it goes. It certainly won't be a problem, and it may just help.


Sorry can't help I run in 3/4 length capris spring, summer, autumn & winter. I don't find my lower leg ever feels the cold and I'm just too old for shorts these days.


ladies are 'lucky' in that they have the choice of 3/4 lengths; us chaps tend to look, well, ridiculous in them...that said, I suspect I do look rather peculiar in my cycling lycra!


'Ere, you sayin' I look ridiculous?? I know what you mean but I long since stopped worrying about looking ridiculous. I wear the 3/4 lengths all the time in Spring & Autumn and they're just fine. They are actually ladies ones but they fit well and if anyone stops me and laughs I just punch their lights out and run merrily on!!!

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I'm another, old, 3/4 most of the year round kinda person. Only in the really freezing temps of last Feb did I resort to wearing leggings under my 3/4 so that my knees got a bit of extra warmth. I had this vague belief that if they (knees) stayed warm then troubles wouldn't come my way - doubt if I'll ever know if the doubling up for a month or so helped, but I do know that my knee/hips/thighs didn't suffer at all.

I'm pretty sure that your gut instinct and experience from walking days will inform you when it's time for longer trews - it'll likely be one of those mornings when there's been a ground frost, mist in the air and temps around freezing (that cold/wet combination) ... Guess that could be anytime from Nov to March and depending where you are running! Good luck and keep toasty warm. Linda :)


Hi, and thanks for the words of wisdom. My walking is mostly done in long trousers as I seem to attract all the ticks and midges in the known world to my legs, who use the hairs as a 3D climbing frame to 'access all areas'!! I don't seem to have the same problem when cycling or running ~ strange.

I shall be running in my long legs from now on, and if I get a bit toasty, then at least my old and tired knees will be looked after...


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