Don't run in wet swimming trunks

Was feeling a bit lazy on holiday after a day at the beach, just managed to find the motivation to do a run (w7r2). Swimming trunks were still wet from the beach but figured if I didn't do it, I'd just end up sitting in the pub and going for tea so off I went. About half way through, my thigh was red and swollen from the hem of my shorts, so rolled it up, jogged on a bit more but had to give up and walked home. When I got home, I took off my trunks and the end of my penis had also been severely chafed. I have had to wear an Elastoplast over it to stop it from rubbing against my underwear. 2 days later it's still painful but there is an improvement. Not up to running again yet. πŸ˜•


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  • I hope you don't mind me saying so, but the idea of you wandering around with an elastoplast on the end of your penis made me laugh!! (Sorry, but full marks for effort!) Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  • "This week, I 'ave mostly been wearin': Vaseline."

  • Sudacream (used most often for nappy rash but does have other uses) is v good for this sort of injury.

  • .... I so want to ask how you know!!πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€

  • Lol. A friend (who used it for her baby's nappy rash) suggested it after I rubbed half my neck away with my wetsuit (with the help of the sand and salt in the sea water). OK neck not quite the same but sounds similar and it is his "nappy" area.

  • If you had run with a wet t-shirt on you could have discovered the joys of runner's nipple. What an unholy triumvirate of chafe points.

    Keep running, keep grimacing!!

  • I'd recommend bodyglide....

  • Whilst chafed penis is not an uncommon complaint after a holiday, going for a run is an unusual cause for it.

  • Looked up bodyglide, which I think I will be ordering. This supplier made me chuckle too though:

  • So sorry but this post really made me laugh. I've had a rubbish week, so thank you for sharing. At least your misfortune has cheered up a grumpy mum-hope you heal quickly.

  • Oh my goodness....sounds painful - but it did make me laugh out aloud I'm afraid 😳 Have had sore inner thighs from walking after swimming in the sea and that was bad enough. Us women are quite lucky I suppose! Arnica cream is good for healing sore bits - worked after childbirth so ok on ahem 'delicate bits' πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Sorry had to laugh but the number bits that rub at the edges of a wetsuit (and occasionally inside - dont know why it is only "joggers" nipple) seem to increase by the day! Despite some stuff called Body Glide, yet again the back of my neck is red raw from 2 days ago. Not sure rubbing glide on your chaffed areas would be quite right though. I have often thought about traithletes and wonder how they cycle straight after the swim without drying off. That has got to chaff badly.

  • Oh my God, have you pulled that plaster off yet?

  • Every time in needed a wee. 😬

    It's a lot better today.

  • Ooouuucchhhh...

  • Well thanks for sharing. I would rather learn this lesson by reading your post, then the way you learnt it.

    Hope the old chap feels less sore soon 😱😡😰

  • Thinking of going for a run this afternoon. Managed a whole day without a plaster yesterday.

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