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Wrong kit, only 3k but great run in iconic location

I'd been reading about how they had filmed the opening sequence of Chariots of Fire in St Andrews but said it was Broadstairs. Was really tickled by the idea of copying the run.

So this afternoon I had to be in St Andrews - the sun was shining, today was a run day but kit was in the car half a mile away. Not to be put off I headed off at a gentle jog in denim capri shorts, mesh Mary Jane's, no ipod either. I ran along the track by the car park on West Sands then turned through the dunes to run back along the shore line towards the famous Old Course Hotel. Didn't run barefoot in the waves or leap the white fence at the end but just enjoyed the whole buzz of the thing.

Must get the music for the ipod now!

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Wow! I`m jealous Wilmacgh :)

That must have been brilliant.


Fab! I can just about remember doing the same thing 20 odd years ago, tunelessly humming the theme tune along the way, it's irresistible... :-)


That must have been fun :-)


haha Broadstairs is the town next to mine :)


Lovely, I am so envious. What fun. :-D


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