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Week 4 run 1

First run of week 4 done! The move from running for three minutes to five was more challenging than I imagined it would be, but thankfully it didn't stop me completing all 4 periods of running.

I had hoped to get up early to run this morning before I went off to do some work experience with Wolverhampton CC, but woke up late and so was unable to. However, I am not too disappointed about that because my run after work was in such lovely weather it couldn't have been more pleasant.

I tend to run around Warley woods in Smethwick, and the light pouring through the trees and smothering anything in it's presence, including myself, in a nice orangey colour was great. I shall have to take a picture next time (probably whilst I'm briskly walking more so than jogging) to attach to the week 4 run 2 blog, as the weather is set to stay as it is for the rest of the week.

I have discovered that I feel quite lucky to have never been so exhausted I cannot go on (in my adult life that I can remember). Consequently, I don't currently know what my 'limit' to how much I can do is, and so I'm not as intimidated by longer runs, and feel I can carry on and keep calm. I'm sure my 'can do' attitude helps as well, though. I am actually looking forward to working myself so hard until the above is the case, and I'm sure I only feel that way because I am yet to reach the age of 25.

Right, looking forward to running the day after tomorrow, though given how nice the run was this afternoon I'm unsure whether to go running at 6:30 or 18:30.

Bye for now to anyone reading this, I will pose a question in a separate blog I'd appreciate your opinion. If interested, seek 'Running: not enough camaraderie?'

Mike x

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I also found the five minute runs to be a jump at first but by the beginning of week 5 they were much easier. It's funny how quickly the body does adapt.


It is indeed bizarre how quickly the body can adapt. I'm sure yours will be fine with your 20 min run tomorrow, let me know how it goes :) Did running help your hangover at all?


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