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Week 4 Run 1: Better than expected

This is my first blog post even though I'm now on week 4, but I had to write up here just to say how good I think the C25K programme is.

So my alarm clock woke me up this morning at 6am and the last thing I wanted to do was get up and go for a run.

The cold weather outside, the fact that I had a sore throat and runny nose, the fact that I felt overly tired from plenty of late nights recently, all amounted to thinking the idea of staying in bed was rather appealing.

I'm glad this didn't put me off though since it went much better than expected and although quite exhausted by the end, I feel so much better for having done this. I can't wait to get out and do the next run now, never thought that would cross my mind ever.

I really think that this programme is fantastic (although the music kinda sucks, but it's helpful for learning about pacing). I can definitely feel the benefit from doing the exercise and the tips for improvement are really good too. I attempted running previously but tended to go flat out and not do the start/stop thing which didn't really get me anywhere in terms of improving my fitness or ability to run further. It was also quite easy to give up too soon. This is programme is really helping out in terms of giving advice and providing the motivation to move on and complete the course.

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Good to hear you found it ok. I'm completing w3 tomorrow and slightly worried about the step up in w4! :-)


Love your monniker!

Don't worry... you'll do fine. It's only about 10% more after all.


Thanks for the encouragement. The last few runs have gone ok so I will try to stay positive!


I agree, the programme is great and the structure (walk/run intervals + rest days!!!) makes it so much easier to stick to.

Only today I was talking to a marathon-running friend and she was quite amazed at my progress. I explained it all to her and she could find nothing to criticise.

Love your picture, but try not to go too fast just yet...


I've been doing my running after work on the week days and mid-day on the weekends. However, it's starting to get hot where I live so I'll soon have to start setting my alarm clock earlier. Not looking forward to that because I like to stay up late. :P

Keep your pace as slow as you need to and you'll be fine going into week 4.


I'm planning to start week 4 on Saturday & I'm a bit worried about the jump from 3 mins to 5 mins. Good to hear about your success!


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