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Week 1 run 2

Up early today to get my run in before work and when it's nice and quiet! This time I managed to pace myself better so that I could complete all the run intervals without getting unbearably out of breath. As a result though I think there was a minimal difference in speed between my walking and jogging, but I can only hope that will gradually improve.

I completed C25K 3 years ago, (and promptly stopped running!) but did it nearly entirely on the treadmill, which I found easier than running outside. This time I am determined to do it all outside from the very start, especially since it is now summer time (well, the calendar says it is!). Personally though I do find it more difficult running outside.

After my first run my thighs were aching a little, now I notice this evening that there is a most definite ache. I think I might put off W1r3 till Thursday and try to get a bike ride in on one of the two rest days, just to stop me seizing up!

I'm really enjoying that feeling of achievement when I finish my run, it makes it worthwhile!

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Well done. Pacing yourself really does make a world of difference, especially when you get to the longer running intervals. If your body is hurting I'm sure it would do a world of good to take an extra rest day. Besides, the 9 weeks is just a guideline and many of us take longer than that to finish the program. Good luck with the rest of week 1. :)



Hi Jillie, I'm so impressed that you manage to fit in running before work! Congrats on getting run 2 out of the way and looking forward to progressing through the weeks along with you! Kat :)


Well done Jillie, I found the same as you pacing yourself helps soooo much. I'm repeating week 1 and do feel much better for taking that decision.

I always feel really good on my run days so think I might need to start building something ealse into the rest days - I was thinking yoga or tai chi


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