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W7R1 and 45 minutes!

Lovely run this morning. Enjoyed it far more than last week when my energy levels were at zero. Woke up earlier than the dreaded alarm went off at 5.30 and really didnt want to go but told myself I needed to to keep the momentum going. Energy levels seemed better and only took a few minutes into the run to feel ok (seems to take a good 5 minutes for my legs to register whats going on!). Found a pace and went with it although I'm still really slow. I figure that the Race for Life in 5 weeks is going to take me about 50 minutes or more so I need to get used to running for that length of time. 5 weeks ago I struggled to fun for anything more than 1 minute at a time so if I have got this far in that time I'm hoping I can get to running for longer. I ran past the 25 minutes again and kept going for 45 minutes. Hit a bit of an energy slump at 30 minutes and it was hard to keep going. Now I know that thats my weak spot I'll try and work on that. Luckily RunKeeper had been keeping me going with lots of Metallica in the early stages:) In the last stages (40 minutes ish I think) it was 6.15 in the morning, in the bright sunshine, and I was plodding along with the sun in my face, grinning through the pain and RunKeeper chose Atlantic Star and 'Always' - now thats a proper 80's tune if ever I heard one! My music taste range is massive! Well the roads were quiet and everyone who had any sense was in bed:) so I plodded along singing out loud. It took my mind off the fact it was beginning to get tough so it was worth it:) Passed someone I used to know from a while back in the last stages and through my earphones heard her say 'oh my god look at you' but 'i had to say, I cant stop, I want to get to 40 minutes - ill call you........' Onwards and upwards. Happy (sunny) Monday everyone. x

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hey get you - out there on an early morning confidence boost!!.... I must admit that at 5:15 this morning sun streaming into my bedroom I was tempted to get out there myself .. but I know I need coffee and weetabix before I do anything - I'm just not a morning person.

& five weeks is a very long time til your race for life - and if your on 45mins now you should be more than able to get through it too.

Good luck with the rest of the week - happy running.


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