I'm never going to make it!

Help! I can do 30 minutes quite well now but it still only amounts to 4.5k and that includes the 5 minutes walking which is 1k How am I ever going to get to RUN 5k? so thats onky 3.5ķ running.

Any suggestions to increase distance would be gratefully received. I've tried running faster but I can't do more than plod along at my own pace.


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  • its not about running fast its about doing as much as you can, sometimes when you hear Laura say you've got 60 seconds to go the mind just closes down and you can't go any further, so I just start my running and start the podcast when I have been running for two minutes so you actally do more and the brain dosent shut down. Not sure if this help but you come so far don't give up now !!!

  • That's a good idea rebeldiver I think your right when I hear Laura saying 1 minute left I do tend to think thank god but until I hear that I just keep going. I'll try starting the podcasts after 2 minutes like you said.

  • Do your best and don't worry about doing 5 k in 30 minutes - I am back from just now, and have done 4 k in 32 minutes - my speed PB so far :) - this is 5 months after graduating... but I run for the joy of it, not to go fast :)

  • Thanks Pigivi I know it's about the time but I've signed up for 5k in december

    might have to walk some

  • That's great! I did a 5 k last year, before starting the C25K so I walked it. I would not worry about the 30 minutes, there will probably be many people going over that time - enjoy the race, and well done for setting a goal! Have you finished the program yet? If you download the C25+ the 3 podcast are great and will help you getting to run 5 k - it may take 40 or more minutes the first time, but you'll definitely make it! x

  • Thanks. Yes I'm on week 8 run 2 and will download the c25k+ so I will make the 5k eventually.

  • Just plod along at your own pace. I'm sure that if push comes to shove you can plod along for 5K, it really doesn't matter about the time you plod along for. You'll be fine for a 5k in December. Have faith in yourself !!

  • Thanks henpen 90 x

  • I am the same! I run so slow that my hubby managed to walk beside me the other day!!! I am the same. I can manage 5k if I keep going. At least 40 mins. Including walk at beginning but that may be quicker than I run!!! Ha ha! Nevermind! I am trying to block it all out now after my park run disaster on sat. So what if I run slow. I'm out there doing it. Improving my fitness and my life. Just do what you feel is best for you and what you enjoy. Just keep going!!!

  • Thanks toonlou24 at least there's 2 of us 'jogging' along and as you say out and about off the couch!

  • C"5K isnt about the distance ,it is about running for the required times , speed and duistance do come 2ater , Dont worry about the distance at all :D just run slow and steady and complete the times :D

  • Thanks slow Rob I can manage the time so I need to celebrate that x

  • Been running over 2 years now. This morning's run was 4.92k in under 49 minutes. Personal best was 45 minutes. But it is a lot easier for most of us to run further rather than run faster (I can do 10k)... but times do creep up.

  • Thanks googleme I'll remember that.

  • You might also find extra oomph you didn't know you had on race day. A colleague that ran a 5k race with me had only completed up to week 7 or 8, but managed to keep enough on the tank to run for her first 5k in 36 minutes or so. I think the excitement gives you a little extra boost.

  • Nothing wrong with a good plod. Most people have never even attempted what you're doing. Just stay with it and set yourself small, achieveable goals. I'm guessing that you've been through the programme now, in which case that alone is a great achievement and the goal can be as simple as the next lamp post or 10 more seconds.

    I've said it many times and it's true. This isn't a race...... Unless you want it to be one!

  • Thanks Rob your right the next lamppost, bin, person it's all a goal and then the km fly past.

    do you take your westie running? I take mine, Lola, and she's not too keen most days she's a real couch potato.

  • You have a Westie too? My little feller is called Bailey. He will walk for miles but run? Well, whenever we are out together he starts after the odd bird or squirrel but he's never got anywhere near one. but hat doesn't matter, he's gorgeous.....and he knows it.

  • I still can't run 5k in 30 mins after graduating a few months ago, nowhere near tbh & not sure if/ when I will be. I have improved in the distance/time I am able to run, I.e. Doing longer runs & in little marginal amounts in terms of speed. The programme is meant to be about getting up to running 30 mins non-stop & that means very different speeds & distances for different people. I wouldn't get too focused on the 5k thing, just keep running & maybe add a bit of time/distance when you're ready. The c25k+ podcasts are quite good for building speed/stamina, I'm trying out those right now

  • Thanks Marlyaparly I do seem to be obsessing about the distance. What matters is I can run for 30 minutes and this time 9 weeks ago I could run to the front door!

    Thank you and good luck to you too.

  • That's the best attitude to have. It's 30 minutes OR 5k. I'll never never never run 5k in 30 minutes - my pb is a smidge under 35 minutes - but who cares? We're doing what 99.99999999% of the population are unable to do!

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