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5k time below 45 minutes :-)

Writing about yesterday's run because I'm quite chuffed with it, and because I love reading about other folk's runs, so it only seems fair to contribute, and also by way of reassurance to anyone out there worrying about not being able to do 5k in 30 minutes at the end of week 9.

For that 3rd point, the title should be self-explanatory ! I finished the programme 6 months ago, able to run for 30 minutes but doing just around 3k in those 30 minutes. 6 weeks later I did my first 5k, by extending my time to above 50 minutes. Anyway yesterday I went out for a "long run" using a 15/1 run/walk and surprise myself by being really comfortable at the 5k mark (did 6k in total) AND by doing 5k in 43 minutes with something still left in the tank.

I hadn't planned a long run but it was a nice cool evening with a little drizzle, so I figured I'd go out and just see how I got on. After my usual warm up walk I went into what felt like a nice slow jog, and was surprised 5 minutes in to get a stitch - which is really unusual for me. Slowed to a walk for a minute to let it clear then set off running again. All became clear at the 1k mark, my pace was a whole minute/km faster than my usual pace, even including a minute of walking, so my nice slow jog had obviously been a bit too fast. Deliberately pulled the speed down as I crossed the bridge over the motorway then joined the bike/foot track by the river. Just as I was wondering when it was time to walk my 15 minute beeper went off, but a quick check of the garmin showed I was at 1.8km, decided to round up to 2km then walk, which I duely did. After the walk break, my brain got very occuped about deciding where to turn round. Decided to do so 5 minutes into the next 15, though in fact ended up stretching it a bit more, so that I could finish a bit of the path then rejoin the bike track. Cruised along there breathing a bit hard by now, and was glad of the next walk break. Failed attempt to find my 3rd mint in my pocket - suspect it fell out while I was trying to find it, but by then it was time to start jogging again. Pretty slow by now, but back over the river, then over the motorway and heading for home. Got back to my start point just about dead on the end of my 3rd 15 minutes and was at 5.5km. Seemed a shame not to go for the round number, so decided to jog home the long way round and do the whole 6km. Whole thing took 53 minutes - which is well down on the 59 minutes that my first ever 6k took back in April.

Met quite a few friendly people as well and exchanged nods with a bunch of other joggers !

happy running !

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Absolutely amazing!! I am so thrilled to hear the excitement in your message, and so comforted to know that not everyone graduates able to do 5k. You don't know how inspirational your post has been to me :)

I feel I will be able to follow in your footsteps over the next few months :D


That sounds very pleasing. It's funny how you can settle into it sometimes isn't it?

Shame about the third mint, but probably you made someone's dog happy....and the owner, due to the minty fresh dog breath!

Nice to read your post :-)


Need to check my pocket carefully for the lost mint before chucking my stuff in the wash though - or washing will be minty-fresh but sticky !


Absolutely brilliant - well done x


Sounds like a lovely run - well done!


Congratulations, sounds like you had a great run.


Good post AJ - sounds like a good run. Funny about the stitch/pace though isn't it? I realise I need to go slower for the first half of my run then speed up a little on the second half. If I go to fast at the beginning I feel out of sorts and can feel the start of a niggle that might turn into a stitch... managed to avoid them developing so far. I think my more mature takes a bit more time to really warm up and my joints etc need lubricating which is what a slow start does for me. In any case good to hear about your run and your time is looking good :)


The stitch made me realise I'm still not very good at judging my own pace. I thought I was going nice and slowly, but in reality I obviously took off way too fast. Time to get to know my Garmin's pace tracking feature ! I am quite proud of the fact that my final km was faster than all but that first one, which was deliberate - as I neared home I decided to push the pace and it worked.


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