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Great Midlands Fun Run - Graduated

Great Midlands Fun Run - Graduated

So my goal on this was to join my son in running the Great Midlands Fun Run (Sutton Fun Run), I started the couch to 5k on the 31st December 2012, having nver run other than when at school (30 years ago).

Yesterday was the run in glorious sunshine, and I ran the whole route 8.5 miles (just under 14km). First time I have ever run in an organised event, I had been to Sutton Runner and been fitted out with a set of trainer to suit my running stance, been training ever since I left Laura at 5k, and was fully ready. I am currently waiting for the official times to come out, but i know it was just under 1hr 30mins.

Thanks to everyone who lined the route cheering and clapping as we ran though, what an experience.

I would recommend to everyone

Next goal Birmingham half marathon in October.

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Congratulations, Technochoc!You've done well to go from couch to 8.5 miles in a few months. How nice that you could join your son in the Fun Run (an unusually long fun run) and for you to complete it in a good time too.


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